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Summer Residency

Each spring, the Centre for Craft Nova Scotia accepts applications from pre-professional artists for the Summer Professional Development Residencies in the Ceramics, Wood, Metal/Jewellery, and Weaving/Textile Studios.

How to apply?

During the summer season, Craft Nova Scotia’s Centre for Craft invites emerging craft artists to participate in a two-month creation residency. Participants in this program are granted access to the studio of their chosen medium, where they will have the freedom to work independently on a project. Additionally, they will collaborate to plan and install a group exhibition at the Mary E. Black Gallery,  showcasing the works created during this time. 

Craft Nova Scotia’s Centre for Craft welcomes proposals for our ceramic, jewellery, weaving and woodworking studios. Artists working in paper, fibre, and other craft-based interdisciplinary practices that need space or access to a kitchen facility are encouraged to apply for a residency in our multipurpose studio.  

DEADLINE: Monday, May 13th, 2024 at 11:59pm 


2024 Residency Dates 

  • Residency starts July 2nd, 2024, and runs until August 31st, 2024 
  • Mandatory Resident Orientation: June 27th  
  • Mandatory Mid-Term Critique: TBD 
  • Mandatory Exhibition Meeting: TBD 
  • Mandatory Install: Tuesday, August 27th and Wednesday August 28th from 9am to 5pm.  
  • Exhibition Dates: August 29th to September 15th 
  • Opening reception: Thursday, August 29th at 6:00pm 
  • Mandatory Take down: Monday, September 16th 

Resources and Opportunities 

  • Dedicated space within one of Craft Nova Scotia’s Centre for Craft shared studios. 
  • 24/7 access to studios* 
  • Access to the studios’ shared tools and equipment 
  • Access to facilities beyond the artists’ specialized studios may be provided based on the proposed project and the individual’s experience.
  • Opportunity to display work in the Mary E. Black Gallery. Work will be documented by a professional photographer.  
  • Opportunity to receive feedback from local, professional craft-artist(s) 
  • Access to the Jackie McKay Library, a craft-focused collection. 
  • Each resident will receive a complimentary Craft Nova Scotia membership. 

Artist Responsibilities

  • Commitment to finishing one piece at the minimum, to be shown at the end-of-program exhibition. 
  • Meeting the cleanliness and safety standards of the shared studios.   
  • Following studio terms and conditions as well as community standards (insert link) 
  • Participation in all mandatory meetings, such as the orientation, mid-term critique, and exhibition planning.  
  • Participation in the organization of the end-of-program exhibition. 
  • Artists must install and take-down their own work during installation hours. 
  • Pay fees related to the residency – (payment can be made by all major credit cards, cash or e-transfer. Payment must be made no later than July 2nd, 2024) 


  • Participants must be Emerging Artists, at the early stage of their career, and must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of their media.  
  • Self-directed, independent, and can conduct themselves in a professional manner in a cooperative studio environment. 
  • Both self-taught artists and artists that have received formal education are welcome to apply.  
  • New graduates and; 
  • Students going into their last year of studies are welcome to apply. 

Application Process 

We understand that written, standardized applications can be a barrier to many. To make our application process more accessible we will be accepting video and audio applications. Interview-based applications can be arranged. If an applicant requires any assistance or feedback with their application, email before the deadline.   

All applications, unless arranged otherwise, are to be submitted through our Craft. Create: Summer Residency application form. 



Application Requirements 

  • A CV and artist bio (maximum 2 pages) 
  • Letter of Intent (maximum 1 page)       
             Please include: 
    Medium/studio of choice 
    Description of your current work and your understanding of your medium.
    Description of your proposed project.
    Why do you want to participate in this residency? 
  • Contact information for 2 references, including email and phone number. These references will only be contacted if there are any questions about your application, skills, and experience.
             Please include:
    1 reference that can speak for your skills as a craft-based artist, your capabilities of managing projects, and overall working style.
    1 reference that can confirm you’re capable of independent, respectful work in the studio of your choice. This can be an instructor, mentor, coordinator, or someone you’ve shared a studio with. 
  • 5-8 images of current work including an image list 
  • 1-2 sketches or prototypes of proposed project 


We assess applications based on: 

  • The artist’s level of experience in the proposed medium
  • Feasibility of the proposed project
  • Capacity of our studio spaces  

Program Fees 

  • $300* for the two months 

* Craft Nova Scotia’s residencies are built on a cost recovery model. This means that the program fees go towards the facilitation and studio operations associated with this residency.  

**For the residents’ safety, Craft Nova Scotia strongly recommends that studios are not accessed between the hours or 10pm and 7am and that residents always work with a buddy.