Call for Exhibition Submissions

Call For Exhibitions Submissions 2025

The Mary E. Black Gallery is pleased to receive proposals from artists/craftspeople, community
groups, cultural groups, guilds, and curators for exhibitions in 2025. As Nova Scotia’s only
public fine craft gallery, we strive to host a selection of exhibitions that educate the public about
craft while promoting traditional and contemporary fine craft created by emerging and
established local, regional, Canadian and international artists. Juried, curated and travelling
exhibitions are eligible. Exhibitions proposals are selected by a rotating exhibition review
committee based on the criteria outlined below.

Please reach out to us with any questions regarding the application process. We are available by
appointment to provide feedback on your applications and to further assist you in the process.
The best way to reach us is by email at

Due: Sunday April 30, 2023, 11:59pm ADT


Application Process
Craft Nova Scotia is committed to following the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act in all aspects
and activity of its operation. In accordance, all Craft Nova Scotia exhibitions, including those at
the Mary E. Black Gallery or other venues, will be directed by principles of respect, equity,
transparency, and accountability. This includes consideration and care for the stories being told
through craft displayed in the gallery–ensuring that exhibited craftwork honours the genuine
representation of an artist’s own stories, culture, community, heritage, and related practices.
Craft Nova Scotia will assess the broad community impact of all programming and craftworks
displayed in the Mary E Black Gallery and other affiliated spaces to ensure alignment with this
commitment. Craft Nova Scotia will take into consideration craftworks and programs within a
broader historical, social, and cultural context, and how craftworks/programming may impact
communities engaged by or reflected in the artwork or programming.
This commitment means that Craft Nova Scotia and the Mary E. Black gallery have the right to
exclude or omit any works that do not follow the principles outlined above.

Exhibition Submissions must be made using the application form. All required  information is outlined below:


Proposal files must include the following:

• A letter of intent/proposal (maximum 500 words)

  • Clear description of theme/concept
  • The type of work defined by medium, technique, scale etc.
  • Working title of the exhibition.
  • A brief description of how you envision the works being presented ie: special
    display requirements, AV equipment etc.

• Biographies for artist(s) and/or organizers/curators. (Maximum of 300 words per bio)

  • If you are proposing a group show please include a list of proposed artists and a brief justification for the inclusion of each artist.

• Support material of Up to 20 Images or media files. These can include past works, works to be exhibited and sketches.  Image/media requirements are as follows: 

  • JPEG format, maximum file size of 1mb
  • Titles of image and media files must be titled 01initial_last name_title of work.JPEG (ie: 01E_Wareham_blue vase.JPEG)
  • Digital media such as video or audio can be included via a link to a website (such as YouTube or your own website) where the media is hosted. To include media files please create a PDF with a link written out or embedded as a hyperlink. A maximum of 5 minutes of digital media will be considered.

• A curriculum vitae of the principal organizer/curator or artist.

• Additional support material can include any materials relevant to the application,
promotional materials, reviews, and catalogs. Image list (include artist, title, medium,
dimensions in metric, date of work)

Applications must be submitted by midnight on Sunday April 3o, 2023.

Late submissions, incomplete, or submissions sent without using the application form will not be accepted.
However, we are here to assist and accommodate in any way we can. The Mary E Black
Gallery staff are committed to offering assistance to applicants who face barriers to
applying or have any difficulty with the process. If you require assistance or have any
questions please contact the gallery at:


Proposal evaluation is based on:

  • The artistic merit of the exhibition proposed.
  • The quality of the applicant’s work to date.
  • Visitor engagement, programming and educational opportunities.
  • The ability of the organization/individual to bring the exhibition to fruition.

Proposal evaluation is based on:

  • The artistic merit of the exhibition proposed.
  • The quality of the applicant’s work to date.
  • Visitor engagement, programming and educational opportunities.
  • The ability of the organization/individual to bring the exhibition to fruition.

In response to the gallery’s mandate and the above listed evaluation criteria, the most successful proposals illustrate or address the following:

  • A strong, cohesive concept or theme that in its presentation, will work in our gallery setting.
  • Concepts that inspire, challenge, motivate, inform, excite, or incite emotional and intellectual responses, offer new perspectives and address issues of relevance for our craft community and our visiting publics.
  • Artistic merit also includes opportunities to showcase innovation in craft in the use of new materials and/or techniques or which push the boundaries of craft and craft discourse.
  • Unique gallery experiences that are more active or interactive.
  • We welcome collaborative exhibitions and proposals by curators and groups, as well as projects proposed in partnership with other organizations.
  • Suggestions for public programming which could accompany and enhance the exhibition ‘s concept, provide exposure for craft artists, activate our gallery space and engage/educate current and new audiences

The Mary E. Black Gallery covers:

  • Artist’s fees based on recommended CARFAC rates
  • Cost of an opening reception (subject to restrictive conditions)
  • invitation / exhibition mini catalog
  • Inclusion in our standard publicity progra

Expressions of Interest For Jurors (Ongoing)


We invite expressions of interest for participation in our annual Mary E. Black Gallery exhibition selection process. Each year a new panel of three guest jurors are invited and paid an honorarium to assess and select proposals for exhibition.

If you would like to be added to a roster of potential jury members please express your interest by emailing our administrative coordinator. This roster is used each year to create a list of guest jurors who may be called upon. We endeavor to create a balanced jury for each annual exhibition selection process.

Please contact to express interest.