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About Craft Nova Scotia & Our Mandate

Craft Nova Scotia is a provincial arts service organization for craft, and is a member based registered charitable non-profit. We encourage and promote the craft movement and the public awareness and appreciation of craft products and activities. Craft Nova Scotia manages and operates the Centre for Craft Nova Scotia and the Mary E. Black Gallery and works on behalf of close to 400 individual small business craftspeople. Our programs reach over 1000 craftspeople through group and guild members such as Co-Adorn, Metal Arts Guild, NS Potters Guild, NS Basketry Guild, Visual Arts NS, Atlantic Spinners and Handweavers, and many others.

Craft Nova Scotia is committed to being an inclusive and supportive resource and a reflection of the greater craft community locally, nationally, and internationally. We strive to showcase the diversity of craft work being created by all craftspeople in our region. We welcome new members at all stages in their craft journey, as well as those who simply have a love of craft in all its forms.

 OPENING! Craft Today

September 22 to November 6, 2022

An opening provides a look in – a glimpse into a world or scene. An opening also proposes expansiveness and spaciousness. As we “peer into” artists’ studios and lives, we build community and connection and in doing so, gain insight and widen our perspectives.

Opening… up to shared and differing media.

Opening… up to shared and differing heritages.

Opening… up to the possibility of broadening our preconceived notions and definitions of who we are and what we do.

OPENING is about new possibilities, strengthening connections, and building community. Through your work, Craft Nova Scotia would like to hear about what this moment in craft means to you.

Craft Nova Scotia’s 2022 annual members’ exhibition will be selected from the submitted entries based on the theme of “OPENING! Craft Today” by a jury. Jurors will be announced at a later date. For this exhibition, we ask artists to submit up to 3 works which have been made in the last two years. Craft Nova Scotia is committed to upholding the Exhibitions Standards (link) and ask all applicants to review them before applying. Accordingly, artists and craftspeople applying

to display work with Craft Nova Scotia including the Mary E. Black Gallery, or other venues, are recommended to submit a “Cultural Context” statement, for each piece being submitted, that clearly situates their relationship to the craftwork(s) they wish to be considered for exhibition at the gallery. While the “Cultural Context” statement is optional for this exhibit, it will be a mandatory component for future submission processes.

We look forward to showcasing the diverse craft work being created by craftspeople in our region. For the 2022 exhibition, CARFAC fees will be paid to participating members. Due to space and budget constraints up to 20 pieces will be selected.

Application submissions will be accepted starting June 22nd, 2022 and will be open until Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 11:59pm Atlantic Daylight Time.

Principal Organizers

· Craft NS Exhibition Committee:

– Kaas Ghanie

– Marla Benton

– Julie Hollenbach

– Andrea Tsang Jackson

· Kelly Jerrott, Executive Director, Craft Nova Scotia

· Emily Wareham, Director, Centre for Craft, Craft Nova Scotia


Artist bio* (100 words):

Artist statement* (max 200 words):

A brief statement specifically about this work and how it responds to the theme.

Limit of one submission of up to 3 pieces per member, including participation in collaborative works. Please include the following: Image, Format, Artwork title, Description

For some helpful hints on photographing your work please have a look at How to Photograph your Craft.

NEW Cultural Context Statement – 200 words (optional)

Eligibility / Criteria:

Please also review the Exhibitions Standards (link) · Artist(s) should hold an active membership to Craft Nova Scotia at any level.*

Submitted work must have been completed after February 29, 2020.

We encourage the submission of works across all craft media.

Please keep in mind that a situation may arise where a work cannot be displayed due to size, weight, space, and transportation constraints. The Exhibitions Committee is willing to work with artists to find alternative representations of these works through photography or video-based media. E.g. If a large-scale piece is unable to be exhibited, a video walk-around of the piece can be shown in the gallery space in lieu.

Entry Fee: We recognize that the entry fees may be a barrier to some individuals. As a benefit of membership in Craft Nova Scotia there will be no entry fee for this year’s Members Exhibition.

Exhibition Standards

Craft Nova Scotia is committed to following the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act in all aspects and activity of its operation. In accordance, all Craft Nova Scotia exhibitions, including those at the Mary E. Black Gallery or other venues, will be directed by principles of respect, equity, transparency, and accountability. This includes consideration and care for the stories being told through craft displayed in the gallery–ensuring that exhibited craftwork honours the genuine representation of an artist’s own stories, culture, community, heritage, and related practices.

Craft Nova Scotia will assess the broad community impact of all programming and craftworks displayed in the Mary E Black Gallery and other affiliated spaces to ensure alignment with this commitment. Craft Nova Scotia will take into consideration craftworks and programs within a broader historical, social, and cultural context, and how craftworks/programming may impact communities engaged by or reflected in the artwork or programming.

This commitment means that Craft Nova Scotia and the Mary E. Black gallery have the right to exclude or omit any works that do not follow the principles outlined above.