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Ceramic, Wood, and Jewellery Studios

1096 Marginal Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3H 4P7

Look for a Gray building with blue trim. On the right hand side heading south, a few parking lots down from the back of the Westin.

Mary E. Black Gallery + Multi-Purpose and Weaving Studios

1061 Marginal Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3H 4P7

We are located in the Halifax Seaport between Pier 21 and the NEW Farmer’s Market. There is a train car in front of our building.

Craft Nova Scotia

1113 Marginal Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3H 4P7

Located at The Cultural Federations of Nova Scotia (CFNS). Entrance is through the side door of a long brick building just past the Garrison Brewery, and opposite NSCAD University.

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Kelly Jerrott
Executive Director

Emily Wareham
Craft Development and Operations Manager

Pam Juarez
Studio Operations & Programming Coordinator

Hannah Craig
Gallery Coordinator

Rebecca Groves
Membership Engagement & Administrative Coordinator

Rachel Blair-Johns
Event Coordinator

Gentina Tremblay

Craft Nova Scotia Board of Directors

  • Nancy Oakley President
  • Virginia Stephens First Vice President
  • Funmilayo Odeniyi Treasurer
  • Kristi Farrier Secretary
  • Frances Dorsey Director-at-Large
  • Eva Nicholas  Director-at-Large           
  • Allison Tremain Director-at-Large
  • Adam McNamara Director-at-Large
  • Angela Franklin Director-at-Large
  • Tabitha Co    Director-at-Large

Craft Nova Scotia Committees

  • Frances Dorsey, Chair (textiles)
  • Philip Doucette (glass)
  • Erin Wells (ceramics)
  • Belinda Muller (books arts, paper, photography)
  • Emma Piirtoniemi (jewellery, glass, metal, plastic)
  • Jackie Toner (wood)
  • Donn Sabean (Textile, design, eco printing)
Market Advisory Committee
  • Katrina Doucette
  • Dorothée Rosen
  • Kas Stone
  • Tabitha Co
  • Nancy Oakley
Exhibitions Committee
  • Kaas Ghanie, Chair 
  • Marla Benton 
  • Julie Hollenbach 
  • Andrea Tsang Jackson 
Nominating and Governance Committee
  • Tori Poynton, Chair (1st Vice Chair of the Board)
  • Frances Dorsey (Board Representative)
  • Linnet Finley
  • Gabrielle Thean