Past Exhibitions

September 22 - November 5, 2017. Opening Reception: September 21, 6pm.

This year marks the sesquicentennial of Canadian Confederation. On 1 July 1867 the existing United Province of Canada was divided to become the new provinces of Ontario and Quebec, and two other colonies, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, also became provinces of the new Dominion of Canada. To mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation, the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council, now known as Craft Nova Scotia, challenged our members to create works exploring their Canadian identity and/or celebrating Canadiana. 

September 1 - 17, 2017. Opening Reception: August 31, 6pm.

The Mary E. Black Gallery is pleased to present Creases, Fold, an exhibition of work created by our artists in residence Kaas Ghanie, Laura Horrocks-Denis, Violeta Izquierdo, Amanda Kopas, Juliana Naccarato, Eunseon Park, and Nicolas Soni.


July 14 - Aug 27, 2017. Opening Reception: July 13, 6pm. 

These one-of-a-kind porcelain vessels reveal the poignancy of daily rituals, such as drinking a cup of tea. Showcasing the decorative traditions of world renowned porcelain centre Jindezhen, China, these pieces offer a personal interpretation of traditional materials for a Western context and usage. "The purpose of my work is to empower the user, the activity, and the environment in the appreciation of everyday life" - Gina Etra Stick 

May 19 - July 9, 2017. Opening Reception: May 18, 6pm.

Beth Biggs' work engages with symbols, signs, gender classification and their social and political implications. The installation of her work explores the tension between the intimate nature of jewellery and the public space of the gallery. In this new body of work, Biggs explores the link between the seduction of femininity and the life and death struggle of nature as a metaphor for the metaphysical.  
Working in textiles, Rachel Ryan paints fabrics and stitches together a variety of techniques, blurring the boundaries between painting, drawing and quilting. Meticulous in the technical details, Ryan's work is also conceptually focused, considering the coexistence of the transient military population and the farm culture of Annapolis River. Using donated, inherited and up-cycled materials, Ryan engages in a process of de-construction and re-construction. 

March 24 - May 14, 2017. Opening Reception: March 23, 6pm. 

Fencelines is an immersive artwork combining the blacksmithing of Ruben Irons, ceramics by Fenn Martin and gestural drawing by Raina McDonald. These Antigonish based artists share their collaborative exploration of the rural lanscape, ownership, permissions and borders. Given the current global climate of fear and separation, this fence and gate with imagery reflecting on rural outmigration and the collapse of small farms, is an elegy and challenge to re-imagine rural life in Nova Scotia.  


January 27 - March 19, 2017. Opening Reception: January 26, 6pm.

Combining warp or weft printing processes and warm natural dye hues, Halifax textile artist Frances Dorsey invites us to contemplate the moon – hunter, blue, blood or harvest - Golden Moons illuminates the compelling power these night orbs cast over our earthly existence.
The 20 works comprising Exuvia celebrate New Brunswick potter Rachel Morouney’s lifetime of dedication to her craft. Her skillfully executed intricate hand carved motifs, glazes and vessel shapes offers an inspired collection of stoneware funerary urns. Each one reflects its own unique individual characteristics, qualities and nature as a remembrance of the departed. 

November 11, 2016 - January 22, 2017. Opening Reception November 10, 6pm. 

When re-creating life forms in a sculptural piece, the process becomes a very physical experience for Ian Hope-Simpson, trying to accurately capture its unique sense of movement; that feeling of what it is that makes something alive. Design and process are at the heart and soul of each of Hope-Simpson's works, the play of light on surfaces, the pattern of lines, and the relationship of proportion of the solid material and spaces between them are all considerations. 


September 23 - November 6, Opening Reception September 22, 6pm.

The year 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council. Throughout its existence, the NSDCC has been recognized as the premier provincial organization promoting excellence in fine craft. The NSDCC’s Standards process is only one of the many ways in which the organization seeks to foster the ongoing development of fine craft, and to nurture the development of the individual craftsperson. It offers two levels of juried membership within the NSDCC: Juried Status and Master Artisan. Master Artisan members are recognized for excellence and achievement in their chosen media. Their calibre of work is of the finest quality, exhibiting excellence in design competence, philosophical approach, use of materials and originality in the creative process.

September 2 - 18, 2016 Opening Reception September 1, 6pm

15 Monologues featuring work by the Summer Residency Program 2016 participants.

July 15 - Aug 28, 2016 Opening Reception July 14, 6pm

Offering a look behind the curtain, this exhibition of Kate Church’s life drawings, printmaking, paintings and sculptures illustrates how she has kept her fine craft career vibrant, evolving and personally enriching. Her signature sculptural puppets illustrate the interconnectedness of these art forms which have informed and inspired her creative life as a “maker”. 

May 20 - July 10, 2016 Opening Reception May 19, 6pm

Hooking her original designs onto burlap, Truro-based fibre artist, Laura Kenney shares the antics and insights of her fictitious red-headed character Judy. This new series of 30 hand-hooked rugs displayed as wall art, offer a humourous, colourful and quirky narrative highlighting the daily struggles we can all identify with, as women, as Nova Scotians, or as fellow humans challenged by our modern world. How easily we could each slip on Judy’s slimming black dress and mount our ironing board to “surf”, given half the chance …


Mar 25 - May 15, 2016 Opening Reception - Mar 24, 6pm

Skilled in the use of English slipware, during the past 30 years Vaughan Smith and Jacqueline Cohenhave developed unique techniques layering clay slip and glazes using stenciling and carved sgraffito to decorate the one-of-a kind sculptural pieces that will comprise this exhibition, New Inspirations, created by two new Nova Scotians.


Jan 29 - Mar 20, 2016 Opening Reception - Jan 28, 6pm

The Liminal Project by Rilla Marshall explores the transitional space where land meets sea. Aerial images, mapping techniques and geographical data are translated through the process of hand-weaving, embroidery and crochet. 


Nov. 13 - Dec. 20, 2015 & Jan. 5 - 24, 2016 Opening Reception - Nov. 12, 6pm

Master metalsmith and sculptor, Elizabeth Goluch shares her fascination with bugs, beetles, spiders and snails by sharing with viewers her intimate insight into their life cycles and lore. Each larger-than-life anatomically detailed insect hosts jeweled elements and symbolic embellishments revealing secrets that disclose its own captivating story.


Sept 25 - Nov 8, 2015 Opening reception Sept 24, 6PM

The Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council's (NSDCC) annual members’ exhibition for Craft Year 2015 will be a representative survey of current works by members. There is no theme for this exhibition; members were asked to submit recently-created works, creating a snapshot of fine craft in Nova Scotia and beyond. 44 works by 25 fine craftspeople. 


Sept 4 - Sept 20, 2015  Opening reception Sept 3rd, 6PM    
Surfacing Exhibition featuring work by the Summer Residency Program 2015 participants.

July 17 - Aug 3, 2015   Opening reception July 16, 6PM     Turning Against the Grain  Nova Woodturners' Guild 
The Guild members pushed the boundaries of conventional turned wood art in this group exhibition. 

May 29 - Jul 12, 2015     Opening reception May 28th, 6PM     Worlds You Can Wear     Pamela Ritchie
Enter into Pamela Ritchie's thematic world of myth and science, juxtaposition and static harmony, communicated through her vast body of jewellery and metalwork.

Apr 10 - May 24, 2015    Opening reception April 9th, 6PM     Patterns of Space    Catherine Thomson & Rachael Ashe
BC artists explore the abstractions and intracies of the natural world using delicate lace knitting and ethereal paper sculpture. 

Feb 27 - Apr 5, 2015    Opening reception February 26th, 6PM    George Ling + John Little: Insights
The friendship of photographer George Ling and blacksmith John Little stands as a testament to the importance of daily work, persistence, and an active interest in beauty. Presented with the generous support of Zwicker's Gallery and Image House Digital.

Jan 9 - Feb 22, 2015    Opening reception January 8th, 6PM    The Grey Islands    Michael Flaherty
A collection of sculptural ceramic works creating a tangible connection between past and present, human and animal.


Nov 14 - Dec 21, 2014    Opening reception November 13th, 6PM    Home Away From Home    Amanda McCavour
An exhibition of thread drawings.

Sep 26 - Nov 9, 2014    Opening reception September 25th, 6PM    Peacework     NSCCD Members Exhibiton
A juried exhibition of works considering the theme of 'Peace' from our NSCCD members.

Sep 5-21, 2014    Opening reception September 4th, 6PM    conVERSE    Summer Residency Exhibition
New works are exhibited by emerging artists, created in our craft studios during this year's summer residency program.

Jul 18 - Aug 31, 2014    Opening reception July 17th, 6PM    Presence of Absence    Catherine Beck & Jeffrey Cowling
Commemorative funeral urns and contemporary mourning jewellery explore themes of loss and remembrance.

May 30 - Jul 13, 2014    Opening reception May 29th, 6PM    Scavengers & Scoundrels    Ray Mackie & Deb Kuzyk
New ceramics about urban wildlife - common pests of flora and fauna decorate this amazing display of whimsical and functional sculptural porcelain.   

Apr 11 - May 25, 2014    Opening reception April 10th, 6PM    Absurd Fact & Real Superstition | To HAVE & To HOLD    Mengnan Qu | Emily Doiron
Tandem exhibitions of emerging metal artists Emily Doiron and Mengnan Qu. The intricacy and artistry of their jewellery invites close scrutiny.

Feb 28 - Apr 6, 2014    Opening reception February 27th, 6PM    Imagery: Not to Scale    Andrea Saint-Pierre & Robin Muller
Artists, Andrea Saint-Pierre and Robin Muller, exhibit modern Jacquard-woven textiles, apparel and upholstery. An exciting collaboration of colour, texture, line and form.


Jan 10 - Feb 23, 2014    Opening reception January 9th, 6PM    From the Core    Laura Donefer
Internationally acclaimed master glass artist's sculptural and mixed media pieces explore themes of longing, loving and grief. 



Nov 8 - Dec 22, 2013    Opening reception November 7th, 6PM     Carrying It Forward    Alex McCurdy, Sharon Fiske, Jack Ouellette, Carol Smeraldo, Tim Worthington, Pam Birdsall, Ed Goodstein & Betsy Stuart.
Featuring the work of six Nova Scotian pottery studio artists whose 'humble and lively beginnings' during the 1970's was documented in 2008 in print and now updated through this exhibition.


Sept 26-Nov 3, 2013    Opening reception September 25th, 6PM    Change Ahead    NSDCC
Members of the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council address the theme of change - in social context, in the use of technology or technique, in the evolution of their own work. What comes next????


Sept 6-Sept 22, 2013    Opening reception Sept 5th, 6PM     Traversing Frontiers    Summer Residency Emerging Artists
New works are exhibited by emerging artists, created in our craft studios during this year's summer residency program.


July 19-Sept 1, 2013    Opening reception July 18th, 6pm     Bedclothes and Cloths:  The Quilts and Woven Textiles of Polly Greene
Her work over the past 40 years has inspired and served to revitalize Nova Scotia's textile based handcrafts by both celebrating and challanging traditional design.


May 31 - July 14, 2013    Opening reception May 30, 6pm     Variations on Symmetry     Eliza Au & Ying Yeuh Chuang
The ceramic and mixed media works of Eliza Au & Ying Yeuh Chuang examine symmetrical patterns and forms and their connection to the spiritual and natural world.


Apr. 12 – May 26,  2013    Opening reception April 11, 6pm     Pandemonium Diary     Bob Morouney
Morouney’s series of 50 intaglio prints encourage a fresh look at the familiar. His copper plate etchings enhanced by engraving, and/or watercolour additions resemble book illustrations depicting simple stories that offer a choice of interpretations.


Mar. 1 – Apr. 7, 2013    Opening reception, Feb.28, 6pm     Restrained     Louise Pentz
Celebrating International Women’s Day, this collection of figurative, smoke-fired clay sculptures expresses the capacity of women all over the world to fight or adapt to the limitations placed on them by their cultures and personal circumstances. Through their enduring resilience women continue to keep the foundations of society together.


Jan. 11 – Feb. 24, 2013    Opening reception, Jan.10, 6 pm    La Table        The Metal Collective  
A unique opportunity to view high caliber work of metalsmiths from across Canada exhibiting their one-of-a-kind table settings.


Jan. 3-6th, 2013 & Nov. 16 – Dec. 23, 2012     Opening reception Nov. 15, 6 pm    Full Circle            Joan Bruneau
A collection of flower bricks depicting the changes of the seasons “full circle”.



Oct. 5 – Nov. 11, 2012    Opening reception Oct. 4, 6pm        Stimulare        N.B. Artists
Two chains each of 8 NB artists mimic the “Whispering Chain” game challenged to create a new work of their own inspired only by the piece produced by their previous chain member. A photo chosen by Freeman Patterson starts the creative process for Suzanne Hill and Sue Hooper, the first two artists in this group exhibition who have two months to complete their piece, then show or share a photograph will whoever is next in the chain. 


Sept. 14 – Sept. 30, 2012    Opening reception Sept. 13, 6 pm    Summer Residency        Emerging Artists
New works are exhibited, created by emerging artists in our studios during this year’s summer residency program.


Aug. 3 – Sept. 9, 2012    Opening reception Aug. 2, 6 pm        Titanica            NSDCC
A juried show of Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council members’ works referencing all meanings of the word “Titanic”


Jun. 15 – July 29, 2012    Opening reception Jun. 14, 6 pm    Horizon Watchers        Reed Weir
An exhibition of figurative clay sculpture by Newfoundland based artist Reed Weir explores the theme of the most human of activities:  observing, accepting and ultimately knowing.  Drawing on marine tradition, Horizon Watchers charts the delicate territory of self-awareness and decision-making.


Apr. 20 – Jun. 10, 2012    Opening reception Apr. 19, 6 pm    Rooted        Studio Art Quilters Associates
SAQA Atlantic Region is holding their first art quilt show in conjunction with the national Quilt Canada conference being hosted in Halifax May 27th-June 2nd at Dalhousie University. Up to 20 quilt artists will interpret being “Rooted” in diverse ways – through gardening, physical health, a sense of place, being firmly ingrained, long established or deeply entrenched.


Mar. 2 - Apr. 15, 2012    Opening reception Mar. 1, 6pm     The Books of George Fry    George Fry
A solo exhibition by this New Brunswick artist offers a creative collection of multi-dimensional and pop-up books – fantastical, inspiring, intriguing …


Jan. 13 - Feb.26, 2012    Opening Jan. 12, 6pm        chalkworks            Rory MacDonald
A solo exhibition of cast porcelain ceramics .  An examination of ceramic surface as a recorder for the present these works interrogate the images of ceramic decoration of the past, within a fragile and even fugitive surface. By their very design like a chalkboard, these pieces become a site of changing images.




Sept 25 - Nov 8, 2015 Opening reception Sept 24, 6PM