CoAdorn Art Jewellery Society

The Mary E. Black is delighted to be hosting Placement an exhibit of works by members of CoAdorn Art Jewellery Society curated by Kye-Yeon Son and Barbara Cohen. The Mary E. Black Gallery will be the first stop for Placement opening this internationally touring exhibition – the first of its kind for the burgeoning Art Jewellery Society. After establishing itself only a few short years ago CoAdorn has made a national name for itself as a premier contemporary Canadian jewellery collective with membership expanding far beyond its origins in Halifax NS. Placement will feature forty-five works from thirty-five artists hailing from provinces across Canada. Its next stops will be Soul, Korea and Vancouver, BC. “We are excited to show case Canadian art jewellery in multiple venues including internationally.” Says CoAdorn Co-Chair Emily Wareham.

The works selected for Placement explore the narrative conjured by jewellery’s unique relationship with place. Barbara Cohen writes in the curatorial catalog “…many of the artists approached their work from a geographical and cultural perspective, using the place they were born or live as a jump off point for their work.” …. “Some of the artists’ jewellery rely on its placement and movement of the body to further inform their work”.

Placement pursues the influence of location on Jewellery’s inherently evolving relationship to the body – the relationship to the maker in the studio, to the wearer and their inhabitants in the every day, as well as the relationship to the viewer who encounters the work either in the gallery or in the wider world.


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