lived in room: objects frozen in time

Camila Salcedo & denirée isabel (Comadres).

Exhibition Statement

lived in room: objects frozen in time alludes to the experience of immigration, which severs people’s lives into a before and an after, insinuating that, like memories, objects become “frozen in time”. This project enables the collaborative duo Comadres, denirée isabel, and Camila Salcedo, to question and challenge systems of oppression such as borders and identity, alongside members of other diasporic communities by acknowledging the complicated and problematic relationship between migration and assimilation.

Phase 1: Research and Development
July 7th – 28th

During the first phase of the exhibition, the gallery will be activated as a studio setting. Comadres will be on site to create works in response to audio-recorded conversations with 10 immigrant and newcomer participants, prompting them to reminisce on what they’ve left in their homelands, and the journey that brought them to Canada. While each story portrays an individual’s experience, we see them as a reflection of the larger narrative of immigration to Canada, contributing to a shared experience of loss of home. Once they’ve gathered these interviews, they will recreate parts of the participants’ stories through objects made using craft methods of felting, papier maché, and ceramic handbuilding, and atmospheric elements of wallpaper, scents, and sounds. In exchange for their valuable stories and time, participants will receive an honorarium, and also be given the option to keep the objects at the end of the exhibition



Camila Salcedo & denirée isabel (Comadres) are interdisciplinary artists and collaborators based in Toronto with mutual interests in textiles, community practice and dismantling systems of oppression. We both hold BFAs from NSCAD University, where we met in 2016, and also shared space as artists-in-residence at Harbourfront Centre’s Craft & Design Textile Studio in 2019. Together we have exhibited at the Khyber Centre for the Arts, Xpace Cultural Centre and Sur Gallery. We have also collaboratively hosted workshops through Lakeshore Arts and Mount Saint Vincent University Gallery. Our most recent project, Navigating Connections, is a virtual encyclopedia of emotions compiled through workshops and conversations with community artists and facilitators across Canada.

Camila Salcedo & denirée isabel will be present in the gallery on Thursdays and Saturdays from approximately 11 – 4 throughout the first phase of their project lived in room: objects frozen in time.

Crafting from Memory, a workshop facilitated and designed by artists Camila Salcedo & denirée isabel
July 23rd and 24th from 12-4pm
Mary E. Black Gallery, 1061 Marginal Rd, Halifax, NS B3H 4P7

Presented by Eyelevel Crafting from Memory will be a two-day workshop on July 23rd and 24th from 12-4pm, open to 10 participants from Eyelevel’s community.

This event takes registrations in advance, folks can find the link to our online registration form on Eyelevel’s website and social media accounts.

Direct Link to Register: 

Please note that the Mary E. Black Gallery will be closed to the public during this workshop.






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