The Metal Collective

Exhibition Statement

The new exhibition Illuminations, featuring artwork by 15 of Canada’s most renowned metalsmiths, will open in Guelph’s newly-restored heritage building, Boarding House Arts. 

Fifteen unique silver candleholders were created for Illuminations from heritage silver.  Each piece creatively reflects on art forms that generations of Canadian women have practised, including architecture, art, craft, design, fashion and textile, film and video, gastronomy, horticulture, music, photography, sculpture, theatre and writing. 


The artists are 15 of Canada’s most renowned metalsmiths: Beth Alber (Ontario), Jackie Anderson (Alberta), Mary Anne Barkhouse (Ontario), Anne Barros (Ontario), Lois Etherington Betteridge (Ontario), Brigitte Clavette (New Brunswick), Charles Funnell (Ontario), Chantal Gilbert (Quebec), Elizabeth Goluch (Nova Scotia), Fiona Macintyre (Ontario), Mary K. McIntyre (Ontario), Myra Tulonen Smith (Ontario), Kye-Yeon Son (Nova Scotia), Anne-Sophie Vallée (Nova Scotia), and Ken Vickerson (Ontario). 


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