Contemporary Camouflage

Rebecca Hannon

Artist Biography

A dazzling display is about to take over the Mary E. Black Gallery from March 7 to April 28. Local contemporary jeweller Rebecca Hannon has been playing with notions of concealing-and-revealing following her research into the extra ordinary history of Dazzle Camouflage used in WWI. This bright and visually stimulating camo was designed to confuse the senses of three dimensional forms and distance. Rebecca Hannon will envelope the Mary E. Black Gallery in an immersive installation, covering the walls with patterns of Dazzle Camo to create a back drop for her colorful jewelry. 

While playing with these concepts of strange camouflage, Hannon has also been meticulously problem-solving her way through a complex exploration of interlocking forms. Her brightly colored jewelry is constructed from two dimensional pieces, lazer cut from laminate material that slots together forming three dimensional jewelry. Concealing the complicated structure and revealing agile, flowing jewelry Hannon’s works are intricate matrices of shapes and color that trick the eye into perceiving simple, bright and fun wearable objects.  

In Contemporary Camouflage Rebecca Hannon explores the perception of flatness and depth and uses the history of camouflage to explore adornment in humans and nature. 

Rebecca Hannon has collaborated with emerging Nova Scotia based artists Emily Lawrence, Seamus Gallagher, Gillian Maradyn-Jowsey on several exciting events and projects to bring this exhibition to life. 


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