Curated by Mary Ann Simmons, Beate Gegenwart, & Kye-Yeon Son

Exhibition Statement

Colloquy: a gathering for discussion, a conversation to investigate and discuss ideas, to create opportunities for learning and to share thoughts.

Colloquy brings together a selected, culturally diverse group of accomplished metalsmiths from the UK and Canada, who have shared ideas and skills from their individual practices for the past two years. They comprise a carefully chosen spectrum of metalsmiths, from jewellers making intimate works, to silversmiths working in a variety of 3D forms, to makers creating intricate wall panels.

The artists demonstrate a rich diversity in style, technique, design approach and methodology, highlighting the complimentary as well as contrasting methods of makers in both countries, producing some of the most beautiful and astonishing examples of contemporary metalsmithing today.

Angela Cork – London UK
Anne Barros – Ontario, Canada
Beate Gegenwart – Wales, UK
Brigitte Clavette – New Bruswick, Canada
Chantal Gilbert – Quebec, Canada
Cóílín O’Dubghaill, Dublin Ireland
Gill Galloway-Whitehead – England, UK
Jane Short, England, UK
Jodie Hatcher – England, UK
Kye-Yeon Son – Nova Scotia, Canada
Mary Ann Simmons – Wales, UK
Ndidi Ekubia – England, UK
Patrick Davison – England, UK
Rauni Higson – Wales, UK
Rebecca de Quin – England, UK
Sorrel Van Allen – Nova Scotia, Canada
Vicky Ambery Smith – England, UK
Wesley Harris – Newfoundland, Canada
Yusuke Yamamoto – Wales, UK


An exhibition curated by:

Mary Ann Simmons
Beate Gegenwart
Kye-Yeon Son



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