Close To Home: Summer Professional Development Residency Group Show

Jacey Byrne, Jiho Choi, Beah Learn, Hannah Proctor, Noore Saleh, Jackie Toner, Meichan (Amy) Yuan

Exhibition Statement

Every summer the Centre for Craft Nova Scotia takes a break from summer classes to open its studios up for keen emerging residents. The work and studio culture these craft artists create breathe life into our spaces while they work towards the goal of a group exhibition. Their camaraderie allows for cross-media connections and innovative thinking, and year after year it proves to be a truly exciting show in the Mary E. Black programming lineup.

This year we are so excited to celebrate the incredible work made by seven Summer Residents here in our studios! Close To Home is the culmination of all their hard work over the past two months of sharing studio spaces together and building a community.


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