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Monique Martin


Monique Martin’s Continuous invites the visitor into a multi-sensory installation of a beehive. Bringing the viewer up close and personal with the hive inhabitants through large scale linocut printed panels which hang like honeycomb frames from the ceiling. A soft buzzing sound scape and the scent of bees’ wax accompany the prints creating a fully immersive gallery experience.

Continuous builds a life size picture of colony collapse, illustrating the depletion of bees as one moves through the space to the back of the hive. The preciousness of these magnificent and life sustaining, tiny beasts becomes undeniably relatable at this human scale; Sustaining their existence inextricably linked to our own. Monique says “enduring, surviving and living all ring true on the continuous survival cycle”

The delicate existence of the bees, the protagonists at the center of this exhibition, is palpable. Yet, the work remains bright and warm as it invites you through these contemplations.

The Mary E. Black Gallery is extremely pleased to invite you to immerse yourself in the glow of this beautiful print exhibit. Welcoming in the return of spring with its honey-colored hangings and sounds of life cycle.

The Mary E. Black Gallery are open Wednesday to Saturday from 11 - 4.


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