Current & Former Residents

Find out about our residents and the work their making in our studios:


Craft LAIR - 8 Week Community Focused Local Artist In Residence Projects

These project-based residencies adjacent to our Mary E Black Gallery offers artists a large work/display space in our busiest location to both create new work and interact with the public.


airCRAFT - 9 Month Career Development Emerging Artist Residency 

Our one-of-a-kind craft dedicated residency strives to support emerging artists taking the next steps in their careers. Through a 9-month residency the Centre will work with each resident one-on-one to individualize and tailor the program to suit their particular objectives for their art careers. 


Summer Residency - 2 Month Pre-Professional Emerging Artist Residency

Each spring, The Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design accepts applications for the Summer Professional Development Residencies in the Ceramics, Wood, Glass, Metal/Jewellery, and Weaving/Textile Studios 2s


2019 Craft LAIR Residents:

September 19 - November 3


Julian Covey is a Halifax based ceramic artist. He was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia and has spent much of his life in Montreal. He completed his ceramics education at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2018 and he maintains both sculptural and utilitarian ceramic practices. Beyond the studio, Julian works as a technician for Blaauw Kilns, often teaches classes and is currently the president of the board of directors of Visual Arts Nova Scotia. He is passionate about ceramic art and its ability to record and communicate complex concepts through material culture.

Using the Craft LAIR as a public studio, Julian will create a series of abstract biomorphic slipcast porcelain sculptures. This work expands on the work and methodology he developed for his graduation exhibition at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in 2018. The models for each of these objects will be made using both hand and digital fabrication processes and the final works will be airbrushed and treated with a high-gloss glaze.


July 4 - August 25


Tyshan Wright hails from the historic Maroon Town of Accompong in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. A “Keeper Of The Heritage” (Jamaica Gleaner, 2010) and traditional maker of Jamaican Maroon instruments and cultural objects, his work explores intersections between traditional and contemporary craft. Working primarily with wood and natural forest products, Wright creates mixed media representations of Maroon sacred objects. Since moving to Canada two years ago his artwork has been acquired by the Nova Scotia Art Bank, commissioned by the Art Gallery of Ontario, exhibited at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, and presented at galleries in Nova Scotia, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

“The Maroons’ most sacred objects include a series of traditional drums, and a carved cows horn called an abeng. Traditionally these instruments are used in celebration and ceremony, and for centuries they have played a central role in Maroon culture and spirituality. But when Jamaican Maroons were exiled to Nova Scotia in 1796, they were denied these ceremonial objects. And so I want to bring these sacred objects to Nova Scotia, and connect this important part of Maroon culture to the Canadian narrative.”
– Tyshan Wright


Mar 7 - May 5


Gillian Maradyn-Jowsey is a ceramic artist and designer, originally from Aylmer Quebec, and currently living in Lunenburg, NS.  She graduated from NSCAD University in 2017 with a BFA in ceramics, and is currently participating in Craft LAIR at the Mary Black Gallery, as well as the year-long NSCAD Lunenburg Community Residency.  Maradyn-Jowsey divides her time between continuing to grow her ceramic-based practice and engaging with the community by facilitating art-based workshops.  Often her practice is invigorated by meaningful creative exchange and collaboration.  She creates functional and sculptural art grounded in her interest in craft and design for everyday living.

"My multi-disciplinary ceramic-based art practice curiously resides at the intersection between whimsical contours and crisp design.  It fuses the formal concerns of mid century modern design and architecture with the slumpy eclecticism of DIY craft culture.  My process is fuelled by my delight for exploring materials  and foraging for pattern, texture, and colour.  These aesthetic influences trickle into all facets of my ceramic based practice.  Through clay, I record mish-mash mark making with handbuilding; I pinch, squeeze, and smooth surfaces into forms which tenuously masquerade as both functional and sculptural objects.While design aesthetics formally guide my artistic decisions, the work relies on the visual language of contemporary art to express absurd and dreamy living spaces."
~ Gillian Maradyn-Jowsey


Jan 17 - Mar 3


MERLE HARLEY is an interdisciplinary queer artist who creates knitting, weaving, book projects, videos pieces and built structures. Merle recently finished a residency at CFAT electronics lab exploring the links between the history of computers and the textile industry, where they disrupted the usual use of the lab by filling it with yarn and playing around with coding, soft circuits and e-textiles. Merle is a 2014 graduate of NSCAD University and a 2016 graduate of the Gonzago Institute certificate program. They are currently living in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia as part of the NSCAD Lunenburg Community Residency and creating a body of work based around interviews with local members of the LGBTQ+ community about their experiences. Using information from these interviews, Merle will craft a series of booklets and textile works. Merle has exhibited work across Canada and beyond with an ongoing dedication to their artistic practice and is an active member of the community art scene in Lunenburg, Halifax and Toronto. Merle also has extensive experience facilitating workshops and coordinating community art programs such as Art Bikers, Wonder’neath, Jumblies and Shadowland Theatre.


"For the past year I have been conducting interviews and visiting different locations to meet LGBTQ+ people and hear their stories about what it is like living within rural areas of Nova Scotia. I have been told many stories that include: local myths, scandals, personal stories, locations of queer meeting spots, slang, communication methods, love stories, rumours, radical acts, rebellion, and soft stories of care. With this knowledge and inspiration, I will incorporate visual details representing these stories into the textile based sculptures." - Merle Harley


2018 Craft LAIR Residents:

Nov 8 - Dec 21


Meryl Cook is a writer, fibre artist, and former homeopath in Dartmouth. Her mediums are rug hooking, spinning and journaling. The main themes of Meryl Cook’s work are self-kindness, moving forward one loop at a time and fibre art as healing. She is the author of two books, One Loop at a Time, a story of rug hooking, healing and creativity, (December 2016) and One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook (November 2017). Since 2016, Meryl has been teaching Hook a Healing Mat and Healing Image Design workshops across Canada, in the U.S. and at the Centre for Craft. 21 of Meryl's healing mats were a special One Loop at a Time exhibit at Sauder Village Rug Hooking Week in Ohio in 2018.

Meryl will be sharing her introspective process of creativity as a vehicle for self care. She will be working on a number of new projects including a new healing mat called Layers of Love. It is a large Chakra piece about the cord of love that connects us to our children. As a new spinner, Meryl will be working on her goal of creating art yarns to include in this rug hooking project. Other new work includes continuing with her Wild Woman series (think Wild Woman in Willow Tree Pose, Wild Woman Dancing, Wild Woman Sisterhood.


Open Studio: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 11am -3pm (and by appointment)

Wild Woman Circle on Sunday November 25 from 1 - 3 pm

Join Meryl for an afternoon of all things fibre and becoming a wild woman. Meryl's Wild Woman mats will be on display and she has a few surprises planned. Feel free to bring a project or a piece of writing you are working on. Writers, fibre artists and all welcome.

Public Artist Talk Sunday December 9 at 2 pm

The theme of the event will be self-kindness and moving forward one loop at a time. Participants will have an opportunity to journal responses (using writing and/or sketching) to one or two of Meryl’s healing mats.


May 18 - July 8



Launching on Thursday, May 17 at 6pm interdisciplinary artist Kate Ward will be exploring space and time during her Craft LAIR residency at the Centre for Craft Nova Scotia from May 18 - July 8, 2018. Her practice engages with issues of public space and social engagement in contemporary cultures, creating ephemeral, transitory experiences and spaces in which her audience is invited to engage with, and contemplate. In this residency Ward will create modes of exchange, questioning value by facilitating moments in which the audience must negotiate between symbolic objects when removed from familiar contexts.


Open Studio: Wednesdays from 1-5pm

Marks of time, Saturday June 23, 1-4pm
Inviting active participation from the community Ward's intention is to record on video and camera a large piece of clay that is passed from hand to hand. Each pair of hands will grip the clay, leaving behind an impression of the grip. The end result being a documentation of the passing of time: a collection of grips, and a short film on the transformation of the clay and the memories it retains from its journey. FREE.

Stitches in Time, Wednesday June 20, 12-2pm
Embroidered and repaired textiles embrace the beauty in an object's impermanence and imperfection, making a feature of the repair is an alternative to the art of invisible mending. Drop in to learn Sashiko stitching combined with layers of cloth to breathe new life into your favourite items of clothing. Bring your clothes needing repair and some embroidery thread or get a sampler kit for $10.

Call to RSVP to events: 902-492-2522


Mar 22 - May 13:


Opening Thursday March 22 at 6pm, emerging artist Julie Wagner is showing an interactive ceramic installation entitled “Respire” in the Craft LAIR next to the Mary E. Black Gallery from March 23 – May 13, 2018. This work was generously supported by Arts Nova Scotia.

Julie Wagner is a Halifax artist who earned her BFA with a major in ceramics at NSCAD University in 2014.  Julie likes to locate herself near the water, whether it was at her studio in Lunenburg by the beautiful harbour or more recently, during her time in the South of France at A.I.R. Vallauris.  The ocean and other aspects of the natural world constantly influences form, colour and surface texture in Julie’s ceramic sculptures.

Julie is currently back in Halifax and is a resident of the airCRAFT Emerging Artist Residency at the NSCCD. During Julie’s time in residence and exhibited in Respire, she has been exploring our sensory connection to the natural world. She is looking to stimulate senses through sound and touch in hopes to remove oneself from the stresses of everyday life, transcending to a new environment of peace and calm.

She is fascinated by how we learn about the world through our senses. Julie attempts to evoke intrigue and desire through the seductive quality of touch. She is drawn to the meditative qualities of a repetitive motion. It is through the process of making a form over and over, that her mind becomes clear. This calming quality is often portrayed in Julie’s work as her forms can bring peace and a sense of reassurance. Through active movement of form and surface, along with the soothing process through which Julie’s work is built, her forms express a sense of breath.


Jan 25 - Mar 18:


Kristina Vermeulen is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Eastern Passage, N.S. She received her BFA in Fine Arts from NSCAD University in 2007. Having grown up on a hog farm in the Annapolis Valley, much of her work has been heavily influenced on exploring the rural experience and the routine nature of raising livestock.

Though her earlier work was based in mixed media drawing and printmaking, much of her current work is focused on fibre and textile arts. Common to her practice is a central theme of working in multiples and creating work using highly repetitive processes.


2018-19 airCRAFT Residents:

Julian Covey 

Julian Covey, was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia and lived in Montreal, Quebec must of his life. Covey extremely passionate about ceramic art and its ability to record and communicate complex ideas through a material culture. He now is a Halifax based ceramic artist, where his work is a balance of sculptural and utilitarian ceramic. Completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts at NSCAD University in 2018, he recently finished a semester abroad at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Covey teaches ceramic classes with the NSCAD School of Extended Studies and the Center for Craft Nova Scotia.

He has been the recipient of several awards at NSCAD University including, the World Encounter Scholarship, the Walter Ostrom Scholarship for Ceramics, the Kevin and Karen Lynch Scholarship for Ceramics, the MacAdam Trust Scholarship, the Alexander J. McDonald Memorial Award, and his nomination for the 2018 Starfish Art Awards.

"My use of pattern and polyhedral configurations stem from my longstanding interest in science, mathematics, and the philosophy of sacred geometry. The high-gloss surfaces of my wares celebrate colour and sensuality and are an expression of my queer identity. Working with moulds has given me the freedom to explore shapes, forms, and styles that diverge from traditional wheel-thrown pottery. Working in this way provides an enormous amount of control, precision to my process, while it nurtures my inner designer without having to sacrifice the gratifying tactile experience of using clay." - Julian Covey


Athanasia Vayianou

Athanasia Vayianou, was born in Limassol, Cyprus. The island’s politically charged history had an impact on everyone growing up there, her response was to develop an awareness and appreciation for family, history, and nature. Having access to art classes and creative studies all throughout her secondary schooling, it became a way of expressing herself. Moving to Canada and enrolling at NSCAD University, Vayianous discovered her love of Art and History and a passion for Metalsmithing. She graduated in 2017 with a BFA majoring in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing and is currently a resident in the airCRAFT residency at the Centre for Craft.

"I have always had an interest in space and fantasy. I spent much of my childhood stargazing while listening to bedtime stories of space explorers, foreign planets, and an age of discovery in the stars. I create jewellery pieces echoing these childhood roots and memories. Blending geometry and abstraction with silver, enamel, and unique gemstones, I make functional and beautiful pieces of jewellery. The pieces strive to engage the viewer and wearer into looking closer, stimulating a sense of discovery within the piece itself." - Athanasia Vayianou

2017-18 airCRAFT Residents:


Kaas (Kaashif) Ghanie was born in London Ontario in 1989.  He received his Bachelors of Fine Art in Ceramics, at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University as well as Minor in Art History. 
"Raised in a Muslim family, I adhered to traditional religious values and my current practices investigate succinct personal connections, the vessels themselves stand in as reiterations of my intimate history. Religious, familial experiences expressed in the work uses interpretive forms of traditional Islamic vessels, dressed with symbolic or coded references."  - Ghanie
Nicholas Rosin is an emerging metalsmith and craftsperson residing in Halifax. While earning his BFA at NSCAD University, Rosin studied abroad in Pforzheim, Germany where he learned the technique of engraving. In 2016 he participated in the NSCCD Summer Residency and is the Metal/Jewellery Technician and an instructor at the Centre for Craft.
"Throughout my artistic practice I have focused on fabricating metal objects and jewellery that address social behavior, personal habits, and the oddities in language. I am inspired by the emotional reaction and reflection of the audience.  My current work is influenced by patterns, street art, and iconography utilizing the technique of engraving." - Rosin
Julie Wagner is a Halifax artist who earned her BFA with a major in ceramics at NSCAD University in 2014. Julie has participated in residencies at Medalta, Alberta, the NSCAD Community Studio Residency Program in Lunenburg, and AIR Vallauris, France. Julie's wall piece, "Home" was selected for the "30 under 30" exhibit at the Gardiner Museum (2014). 
"I am drawn to the meditative qualities of a repetitive motion. I am fascinated by how we learn about the world through our senses. Touch is a sense that can give us comfort and a great sense of calm. With this in mind, I attempt to evoke in my work a sense of intrigue and desire through the seductive quality of touch. " - Wagner

2016-17 airCRAFT Residents:

Shelbey Dodds is a Jewellery Making and Metalsmithing graduate from NSCAD University. She will be exploring contemporary jewellery objects that reflects our relationships. Bridging the divide of art jewellery and production based work, Shelbey will be travelling to Barcelona, Spain to attend the annual art Jewellery conference, JOYA Barcelona to collect research and inspiration to apply to her own work. 
Emma Piirtoniemi majored in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing and minored in Art History from NSCAD University. She examines the duality of her work, worn intimately on the body, and displayed in the public spaces of galleries. Emma will be working both in metal and adding glass work into her pieces examining small jewellery sculptures and gaining experience in curating contemporary craft. 
Ryan Tingley, a NSCAD University graduate in ceramics, will develop a line of utilitarian pottery of sleek simple forms using faceting, carving, and stamping to explore textures. Ryan will also be creating a business strategy and website to promote his work during the residency. 

2019 Summer Residents


Anna Ferguson grew up in rural Ontario and moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2014 to attend NSCAD University where she majored in jewellery and metalsmithing. While studying at NSCAD, Anna produced a range of jewellery and holloware works demonstrating different skills and techniques. During the fall of 2017, Anna completed a semester abroad at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) in Oslo, Norway where she broadened her understanding of the metal arts and also the use of alternative materials in jewellery. This experience greatly influenced her practice. During her final semester at NSCAD, Anna became interested in combining textile and metal while experimenting with storytelling in her work, and developed a style she continues to work in. In December 2018 she graduated with a BFA degree majoring in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing.


Undine Foulds

Drawn to the spaces inbetween mediums, Undine is excitedby the potential for collaboration and strangeness that live in these undefined places. Recently, her work hasbeen focusedin creating multiples, and in understanding the larger sum of many parts.Ultimately trying to interpret and translate her relationships to people and place, this curious and stubborn ex-goth-hippie kid from the west coast has her work cut out for her.About to enter her fourth year at NSCAD with amajor in Intermedia, Undine works primarily in clay,integrating elements of drawing, video, performance, and installation.Before committing to this formal education, she enjoyed working with alternative education programs for children and youth, often held in remote locations and heavily centering arts-based programming.


Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris became interested in Ceramics and Textiles in her home town of London Ontario. While attending H.B Beal secondary school she began experimenting with large scale figurative sculptureusing a variety of materials and techniques. This experimentation led Harris to NSCAD University where she is pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Ceramics with a minor in Textiles. Harris has displayed her work in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Focusing on feminist and environmentalist subject matter for several years, Harris’s textile work is made from recycled and environmentally conscious materials; while her subject matter is primarily feminist in nature. 


Olivia (Liv) Mansveld

Olivia was born in Nelson, British Columbia. She received her diploma from the Kootenay School of the Arts (Selkirk College) Textile Department in British Columbia, as well as attended Concordia University in Montreal, before transferring to NSCAD for the final two years of her undergraduate degree. Olivia graduated from NSCAD in April, 2019 with a BFA in Fashion & Textiles. In other professional projects, she has exhibited work and participated in community workshops in both her home community of Nelson, as well as in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. She has drawn plenty of inspiration from her workplaces as a seamstress and in art facilitation. In her future work, she hopes to share the therapeutic nature of handwork in textiles.


Emily May

Emily May feels most at home when she is in the studio, a place where she often works until she is truly a starving artist. Originally from Vancouver, BC, May received a Fine Arts Diploma with accolades in ceramics from Langara College in 2016. She currently is pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in ceramics at NSCAD University in Halifax, NS. Although May primarily communicates her ideas through ceramics, her multidisciplinary practice includes painting, film, photography and performance. May has displayed work across Canada in British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Alberta.


Luke Mohan

Luke Mohan is an interdisciplinary artist and curator originally from Toronto. He is a graduate of NSCAD University with degrees in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts and Art History. While at NSCAD he was the recipient of the Creative Innovators of Tomorrow scholarship. He has curated multiple exhibitions and has exhibited his work at galleries in Canada and the United States. Mohan’s art practice is situated between ceramics and textiles, exploring domestic structures and objects that play with perception and familiarity. An interest in the sleight-of-hand involved in magic tricks, Mohan’s sculptures render everyday objects fantastical. His practice sits at the intersection of textiles and ceramics, relying on moments of visual magic that explore the tension between absence and presence. His main influences come from domesticity and illusion, blending these two sources to create sculptures and installations that explore theatricality, queerness and the body.


Kim Paquet

Few years ago, Kim Paquet working as a social worker for the Child Protection Services. In 2014, she took distance from her career and started a jewelry program at Ecole de Joaillerie de Montreal. Unable to stay away from these human contacts, she involved herself working with homeless drugs addicts. Confronting herself with this new profession while she engaged her thoughts in a first creative process was a fascinating way to express her concerns towards these wearable pieces of art. She received the Excellence Award 3 years in a row, the Janis Kerman Selection award and aspecial mention for the originality and quality technique of her work. Since, her jewelry has been exhibited in art galleries in France, Portugal, Italy and around Canada. 


Michelle Plamondon

Michelle Plamondon, a French-Canadian Artist/Jeweler from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Received her BFA from University of Manitoba in 2015 focusing in installation art and sculpture. She actively volunteered in Studio Programs at the Winnipeg Art Gallery from 2006 -2009. She has displayed sculptures, paintings and jewelry at La Maison des Artistes, Ace Art Gallery and SOFA (2012-2015).  She participated in “Nuit Blanche” all night exploration of contemporary art in 2013 to 2015. In 2013, she was awarded third place in the “Emerging Voices”competition at Nuit Blanche for her work “Environment Revolt” examining nature reclaiming spaces. Michelle was strongly influenced by photographer David McMillan’s Exclusion Zone series. In 2015, she was awarded agrant with the Untitled Artist Collective from La Maison des Artistes Francophone during Nuit Blanche, to develop the public interactive installation “REST STOP”. Michelle is currently working on her second degree majoring in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCAD). She has participated “All in NSCAD” group show in 2018 at the Anna Leowens Gallery. She is member Co-Adorn in Halifax and Vancouver Metal Arts Association and was selected to take part in exhibitions with both associations in 2019.  Her main influences in her current work is material play especially with industrial materials, exploring clean minimalist style and industrial architecture. The elegance of simple forms is prominent aesthetic to her work. Using enamel, metalwork, cement, resin and other found materials she incorporates them into wearable jewelry pieces.


Tamara Oake

Tamara Oake is a Nova Scotia-born artist living and working in Halifax. After completing her studies as an interior decorator, she focused her career in Fine Arts at NSCAD University. In 2017 she graduated with a major in Textiles. Her interest in creating natural/tactile art began with a passion for natural dyeing and eventually led her to flower and foliage pressing. Tamara’s work currently focuses on her connection to the Nova Scotia landscape. She aims to reconnect people with their natural surroundings by thoughtfully bringing the environment into our everyday lives.


Kirsti Smith

Kirsti is originally from Ontario and received most of her education from Sheridan College, and is currently finishing her degree at NSCAD. She uses a series of different mediums including oil paint, ceramics and textiles to create compelling combinations of colours and textiles in her body of work. She has worked as a Studio Potter, Ceramic Instructor and Studio Technician. Kirsti uses the skills developed during these experiences to help design and build an artful body of functional ceramics. 


Sorrel Van Allen

Sorrel Van Allenis a Canadian jeweller with a background in industrial welding and artist blacksmithing. She is currently studying Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Designin Halifax. During her time at NSCAD Sorrel Participated in an international exchange in Jewellery and Objects at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland.



2018 Summer Residents


Annabel Biro is an emerging Artist residing in Canada. Her work explores themes surrounding function and material. She is fascinated with creating work that encourages participation through use. She is interested with challenging our perception of ceramics and functionality through her work. She likes to play with humour, trust and anticipation within her practice.

Annabel received a BFA with a Major in Ceramics and Minor in Art History at NSCAD University. During her time at NSCAD she was awarded the Professor David B. Smith Creative Innovators of Tomorrow Scholarship, the 2016 Medalta Student Residency Award and was the Ceramics Starfish finalist for 2017. Most recently, Annabel was the Nova Scotia regional winner for the BMO 1st Art Competition 2017.



Kelsey Borden is a born and raised Haligonian who has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. Following a long line of textile traditions in her family, her mother and grandmother taught her many skills including embroidery, sewing, and knitting. She has recently graduated from NSCAD University with a BFA, Major in Textiles/Fashion.
Her work combines her love of illustrating with textiles and storytelling. The piece that she has created as part of this residency explores the narratives she has shared around the table, her grandmother, and craft.


NAT chantel

NAT chantel is a primarily self-taught interdisciplinary artist who engages subtle movements and repetitive processes to recall memory and personal history as a way of reclaiming the body and voice. Lineal disruption and displacement from land and home claim permanence in her art. NAT was selected into the 2017-2018 VANS Mentorship Program and the upcoming CFAT Media Scholarship (2018.) She is a Nova Scotia Talent Trust scholarship recipient (2017 & 2018) and an active member in Black Artists Network of Nova Scotia, Visual Arts Nova Scotia, and Nova Scotia Basketry Guild.



Halifax artist, Krista Grunsky, attended NSCAD University and received her BFA in April, 2018. Her work consists of ceramic forms inspired by objects observed in her daily surroundings. With consideration to form, line, and colour, Grunsky creates assemblages of these objects that prompt the viewer to appreciate the mundane.
This work titled Kitchen Cupboard is inspired by drawings of items in my kitchen. I was interested in the translation of object as a picture and object as a three-dimensional form. In the quasi kitchen installation, these objects exist as relics of my domestic living space.



Shaya Ishaq is an interdisciplinary designer, craftswoman, and community organizer currently based in Halifax. Working with ceramics and textiles, she explores how these craft disciplines connect lives through culture, tradition, material and function. As a Kenyan-Canadian born into a legacy of weavers, Shaya is fascinated by fibre-based and ceramic techniques which enable storytelling in the craft traditions of her homeland.



Songhee Lee was born in Daegu South Korea in 1992. She is a jeweller/metal smith from Daegu, Korea. She graduated a B.F.A in 2014 majoring in the jewellery design program of industrial design, at the Catholic University of Daegu, South Korea and M.F.A in Craft Art. She studied at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in Halifax, NS, Canada for the second semester as an exchange student with major of Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing. Now she is working for her works in summer residency program at Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design.



Jiaqi Li is a Chinese jeweler-metalsmith who is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She completed a BFA, majoring in Jewelry & Metalsmithing at the NSCAD University in 2018. During her studies at NSCAD University Jiaqi become interested in exploring resin as her main material for simple but intricate jewelry. In this summer residency, she is continuing to develop more resin jewelry pieces. Her love of colour have led her to experiment with resin. She aims create interesting and delicate visual texture in her work by combining clean resin with the color and texture of cotton threads.

Through this exploration, Jiaqi enjoys the process of resin casting that can't control completely. For example, the visual texture and color of threads can be manipulated while resin is pouring. In her work, each pieces are unique, and cannot be duplicated.



Katja was born in Switzerland and raised in Ontario, Canada, she recently graduated from Sheridan College in 2018 from their Craft and Design program - majoring in Furniture Design and minoring in Textiles. She is currently joyfully adjusting to her new life here, in Nova Scotia.
Her work so far has followed an aesthetic and emotional investigation of her personal history and growth, allowing each piece to embody a story or narrative from a memory in her life. As a maker, she tries to learn about, and incorporate, new materials and techniques to add to the originality of each piece. Overall, Katja aims to use honest design and manufacturing processes to create pieces that will touch the heart and showcase the material’s inherent energy.




2017 Summer Residents:






2015 Summer Residents: 



Born and raised in the rural southern Ontario town of Erin, Shelbey Dodds has found a new home in Atlantic Canada’s hidden gem, Halifax. She recently received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing from NSCAD University.

Shelbey creates contemporary jewellery objects exploring the concepts of discipline and fluidity and how these terms relate to identity, intimacy, and connection. The exhibited work examines the delicate balance one struggles to maintain upon the spectrum between discipline and rigidity, fluidity, and play.

Her time spent in the Nova Scotia Center for Craft and Design’s Residency program has presented a number of very welcome challenges. Dodds would like to thank her fellow residents and all the members of the NSCCD for their continued support.



Originally from Montréal, Quebec, Lux Habrich recently graduated with an Interdisciplinary BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University.

Lux employs the immensely meditative qualities in craft processes and  performative experimental mark making to record personal histories of inherited trauma. Her work involves investigations of temporality, subversive gender, concepts of family and the home, disability, and cultural hybridization - introducing an identity in all the complexities and contradictions that together formulate an individual. Committed to expressing social justice issues and participating in support work, Lux externalizes intense internal grievances, to open up collective issues and larger community struggles to receive moments of healing and empowerment.



Born in Victoria, BC, Twyla Zoe studied art at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and graduated with an Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Fine Arts.

As an interdisciplinary artist, Twyla works in a variety of media but has foundations in ceramics, drawing, and printmaking.  Her work is largely informed by an ever-changing relationship between psychology, fairytales, dreams, and personal narrative. Her objects and imagery frequently explore childhood memories, obsessions, and irrational fears, blurring the boundaries between real and imagined, dream and nightmare.

Meaning-making has long been a compulsion of our species, exercised through literature, art, and storytelling. We continually search to contextualize our identity and place in the world in an ever-widening diversity of expressive venues. In this series of work, meaning-making will take place through internal investigation. It explores an inner realm of dream, fears, anxieties and fractured narratives and attempts to express a fluid logic that references the beautiful and sometimes dark world of the unconscious.


Jennifer Maguire is origin

ally a mixed media artist from St. Catharines, Ontario. She received her Fine Art Degree in 2012 from Fanshawe College, and went on to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the NSCAD University where she majored in ceramics.

Jenn’s work highlights an ongoing disconnect between humans and livestock. With industry taking over how animals are produced and raised, treatment and living conditions have declined as consumer demand has risen. Her work reflects an ongoing exploration of what has become known as factory farming, and highlights the mistreatment and flaws of a large industrial system.



Nathalie Maiello is originally from Montreal, Quebec. She received her diploma from the Vancouver Community College Jewellery Art and Design program in 2008 and is currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she is completing her BFA in Jewellery and Metalsmithing at NSCAD University.

Nathalie’s current work focuses on the connection between ceramic and metal. She uses traditional techniques to combine the two materials to create body adornments. Minimalist shapes and forms enable her to develop simple functional connections between materials to create a continuous disposition that showcases each component without creating discord between the two. Subtle nuances of the shapes create a morphing series that evoke mutation, transformation, and evolution.



Andreea Murgu holds a Jewelry and Textile major from NSCAD University.

Her work is an exploration of form, balance, and expression. She creates pieces that have elements of both harmony and tension. Andreea often incorporates tactile qualities in her jewelry, and enjoys working with fur, leather, hair, and other natural materials.



Anne-Sophie Vallée works primarily with metal and ceramics to create pieces of jewellery. She first started her training as a goldsmith in Taxco, Mexico. She received a degree from Le Cégep du Vieux-Montréal in Jewellery in 2011, and is currently completing a BFA with a major in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing at NSCAD University.

Anne-Sophie is interested in the tension between organic and inorganic life in artificially built environments and how this conflict generates a struggle for space. She uses jewellery as a way to make connections between individual identity, society, and culture. Within her work she aims to question the human body acting as a support and notions of scale. Her work questions the possibility for small objects to call for distance and space while creating intimacy and strong psychological links. Anne-Sophie references architecture and landscape through a minimalist approach to form, as well as, human intervention and appropriation of technologies and material. Simple mark-making can proficiently change the meaning an object conveys. Do we have to stop, control, or free the sprawling of both natural and artificial growth in order to create balance?



Natalie Vanderzand was born in Waterloo, Ontario. She lived on the West Coast of Canada before moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia to attend NSCAD University. She current lives in Halifax as a recent graduate and is continuing her practice as a studio jeweler.

Her solo exhibition titled MAKE CAMP, explores ideas of temporary shelter in an object base observation of the natural world. Natalie’s practice is shifting into wearable pieces that incorporate delicate beaded embroidery, colour, scale and form.


2014 Summer Residents: 

Greg Bauer
Greg Bauer studied craft at Sir Sandford Fleming College in 2005 and specialized in artistic blacksmithing. He furthered his craft and design studies at Sheridan College's Furniture program in 2008. Continuing his education in studio craft, he is now attending NSCAD for Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing where he brings the skill and knowledge he has gained to his current work with jewellery. 

Greg Bauer’s work currently explores the integration of sculptural forms within functional jewellery. He looks to create jewellery whose function is disguised within its form until worn. He hopes to invoke the viewer’s curiosity and challenge their understanding of the piece's function and form.

David Dupak
David is a Painter/Sculptor/Metalsmith and graduate of NSCAD university. David express peoples emotions and thoughts through abstraction of the figure. He started painting and a young age but as he got older his desire to create and express pushed him into other mediums to become multidisciplinary. David has no plans to stop creating and is making a huge effort to get out into the world to share his art with others.
Kate Hawkins
I am a current NSCAD student studying to earn my BFA in ceramics. The ceramic pieces I make stem from personal experience of my own or from my nearest and dearest. Most of my ceramics are inspired by negative experiences and it’s my goal to turn them into positives while simultaneously comparing and contrasting what is bad and good about them. The ceramic objects I make are abstract in order to reflect the multiple perceptions of the human experience. What we think and feel is subjective to our personal histories and therefore we become abstract to each other. 
Jen Pilon
Jennifer was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She began her studies at NSCAD University in Halifax completing interdisciplinary courses in Ceramics, Photography, Jewelery and Surface Design. She recently graduated from NBCCD, Fredericton New Brunswick in full time studies in Ceramics. She draws inspiration from the nature of the scenery around her, both of the natural earth and the impact of human beings.

Jennifer would like to work towards a “know your neighbor” grass roots community movement by creating and bringing hand crafted pottery into your home to inspire everyday life. 
Mengnan Qu
Mengnan Qu is always a perceptual person with a sensitive eye and mind. In the art world today, there are many artists with great ideas. There are few like her, though, who have such great patience to achieve complicated skill. She can spend more than one hundred hours on one piece of enamel jewelry work. Meditation-like process brings her to think of the world in silence. Her mixed cultural and educational background provides her a unique outlook on the world. Reconsider the Western society through traditional Chinese culture; rethink the Chinese society by standing from an international perspective.
Anne-Sophie Vallée
Anne-Sophie Vallée started her study of jewelry making in Mexico taking classes at a department of UNAM in Taxco in 2007. She later pursued her studies at the School of Jewelry of Montreal where she completed in 2011 a collegial diploma in craft. She has worked as an independent jeweler for two years and dedicated most of her time to the fabrication of one-of-a-kind pieces and limited series. She is being represented by Noël Guyomarc’h Gallery in Montreal and La Paï Gallery in Ottawa. She is now undertaking  Undergraduate Studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax. Anne-Sophie Vallée makes contemporary jewelry pieces that intend to put in relation the wearer and his social and physical environment through the object created.
Yu Xia
Yu Xia is an artist who works in all kinds of mediums of art, such as ceramics, metalsmithing, woodworking, papermaking, painting and sculpture. Yu Xia studied in Beijing Capital Normal University, New York Academy of Art, NYC and NSCAD, Halifax. He likes collecting cultural shocks and inspirations from metropolitan life, but he wants to work on these collections in a silent environment, which helps him to think and rethink everything happened and happens. 
Alice Yujing Yan
Alice Yujing Yan is a Chinese based artist, who studied jewellery in Canada. She gained a BFA degree in animation in China, and began metalsmithing at NSCAD University in 2011 where she received a BFA majoring in jewellery design in 2014. Yan has extended her work in Canada and China during her studies and has become a member of the Society of North America Goldsmith since 2013.

Yan believes that art is very personal and emotional. Everything made out of the artists’ hands will represent the artists themselves. She also believes that there must be connections between the artist and the viewer through the art production.

Yu Zhang
Yu Zhang is a Chinese contemporary jewellery designer/maker studying at the NSCAD University in Canada. While still a student, Yu has a good record for showing her work, having participated in 6 exhibitions in Canada and the United States. Yu Zhang uses both metal and non-metallic materials to build a sense of narrative and meaning in her jewellery. She combines traditional metal craft and new material to make both vessels and wearable pieces, creating microcosmic depictions of environmental issues to express the severity of these problems and how she feels about them.

2013 Summer Residents: 

Kelly Grant
Kelly Grant used this residency to further her studies in weaving and produce an array of textiles that would be part of any traditional women’s household needs.  She will be stress testing them in real-life conditions during reenactments at various museum locations around Nova Scotia, documenting the time it takes to produce and then the time it takes to destroy these beautiful handmade textiles.
Kelly Grant began her studies in textiles in the Costume Studies at Dalhousie then continued with a BFA from NSCAD.    She has built historic reproductions for the  Halifax Citadel, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, L’anse Aux Meadows, Grand Pre, Port Royal and reenactors across North America.  Currently she is working on her MA in Women’s and Gender Studies.
Angelena Kuhn
Angelena Kuhn is using her time at NSCCD to explore new materials and interests in modes of representation and soft sculpture through needle felting, weaving and embroidery. Kuhn’s work is driven by an interest in the sensory and performative elements inherent to craft process, as well as the role they have played in contemporary art history. 
Angelena Kuhn is an emerging artist based in Halifax. She received her BFA from NSCAD University in 2013, graduating with a major in Textiles and a minor in Art History.   Her newest work explores personal anxieties around the every day through embroidery and needle felting. 
Theresa Lee Capell
Following her instincts and love of oddities, Theresa Lee Capell infuses passion, adventure and excitement within each  creation she makes. Fond of anything eccentric, whimsical, and colorful, she creates bold sculptural pieces inspired by the living and fantastical world, and continuously explores the vast dynamics of her materials and techniques. She hopes to enhance the viewers’ and wearers’ sense of curiosity and fearlessness through her unique voice.
Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Theresa Lee Capell studied a variety of Fine Arts such as Figure Drawing, Sculpture, and Photography in her foundation stages at NSCAD University. Further in her studies, Theresa found true passion within Jewelry design and Fashion. The creative versatility involved has challenged and rewarded her.
Sarah Sears
Sarah Sears is a Nova Scotian jewellery designer and metalsmith artist. Sarah’s fascination with geometry and symmetry is what led her to use these particular shapes and patterns. Like many East Coaster’s, one of Sarah’s favorite past times is to escape the fray and scour the local beaches in search of interesting rocks and treasures. This collection is inspired by those adventures and will hopefully remind others of their moments by the sea.  
Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Sarah Sears graduated from NSCAD University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Jewellery Design/ Metalsmithing.  Currently she has adopted a more ‘freestyle approach’ to her work, which she hopes will infuse her jewellery with a new flavor and story. 
Marie-Eve Castonguay
Strongly influenced by architecture and engineering, Marie-Eve Castonguay  playfully assembles geometrical forms and unveils the inherent structure of her pieces. Incorporating different mechanisms, her pieces show the dualistic tension between motion and stability.
Marie-Eve Castonguay is an emerging jewellery artist from Quebec City. After receiving three years of training as a goldsmith, she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing at NSCAD University, in Halifax. 
Collinda Fahey
Collinda Fahey’s current body of work focuses on time, in the most practical sense, as a result of recent struggles with speed of production. She has committed to completing pieces rapidly while exploring the material limits of wood and paper in jewellery.
Collinda is a jewellery artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia, who is currently completing a BFA in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing at NSCAD University. 
Amy MacInnes
Raised in Cole Harbour Nova Scotia, Amy MacInnes is a large-scale jewellery artist. Recently graduated with a BA Major in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing  from NSCAD University, she was then accepted into the artists residency at NSCCD where she continues her exploration of materials and larger forms.  Her spontaneous creative processes flourish with the masses of her hand-fabricated components, together creating visually striking and textural pieces.  
Ryan Tingley
Ryan Tingley is a potter from Halifax, Nova Scotia. After 10 years he finally received his BFA from NSCAD University in 2011.  Drawing influences from his life, Ryan  is currently exploring the use of slip and image transfers to enliven the surfaces of his utilitarian pottery.
Karoline-Ann Hajna
Karolina-Anna Hajna is a ceramic artist who works with porcelain to make delicate pieces that are inspired by history, travel, pattern, light, and shapes. Over the course of the past year and the NSCCD residency, she has been exploring ceramics as a jewelry material. While working with the map of Paris, she has experimented with different sizes, shapes, thickness, and firings in order to make a jewelry line that would tell a story and be functional to wear. 
Karolina-Anna chose the map of Paris because of its powerful, romantic, and inspiring history as well as the interesting shapes and curves. Each piece is carefully cut out, decorated, sanded, and fired multiple times. Some pieces are cutouts of one part of the city, while others are separate cutouts placed together, and others are a single cutout repeated.
Kate Ward
Kate Ward is exploring landscapes, ladies and literature in Nova Scotia. For Ward, the spoon has become a metaphor for the experiences and strength of pioneering women, symbolizing nurturing and refering to the hardships and lack of food the pioneers experienced during the early years of Canada’s history. Ward uses this domestic object to represent scenes sketched from historic houses of Nova Scotia combined with text by pioneer Canadian authoresses.
Kate Ward is an artist working across textiles, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture. She has a BaVa from the Australian National University and is represented in collections in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Kate has recently completed a residency at Hill End, a historic gold mining town in Australia where she investigated the lifestyle and hardships of pioneering women.