Violeta Izquierdo BFA

Violeta Izquierdo is a Halifax based jewellery designer and maker.  She has graduated from NSCAD University, majoring in Jewellery and Metalsmith.  Her work is a reflection of the diverse cultural elements of her birthplace of Colombia and of her immigration to Canada. Violeta combines traditional metalsmith techniques with non-traditional materials and is fascinated with balancing intricate textural elements and colour to create playful yet elegant contemporary jewellery.

Current / Upcoming Courses

15. Project Based Jewellery

Do you have a project in mind that you always wanted to do but do not know how to go about it? This class is intended for anyone that has had experience working with metal and or making jewellery and would like to tackle a specific project or expand and practice a technique. The instructor will work with each student individually and will tailor demonstrations according to everyone's needs. Students are encouraged to contact the instructor prior to the beginning of class.

14. Intro Jewellery

This class is split up into two modules of four-weeks each, students will take both modules. In the first four-weeks students will learn the basics of jewellery design and fabrication techniques such as piercing, soldering, drilling, filling, polishing and surface texturing. By the end students will have completed a silver band ring and a pair of earrings.  Building from the techniques learned in module 1, students will work on making a chain to incorporate to a project of their choice. Students will be shown different finishing techniques and how to build their own findings.