Veronica Post

Veronica Post is a furniture maker with a diploma of professional studies in cabinetmaking from the Rosemount Technology Centre in Montreal, and over 10 years of experience exploring and teaching woodworking. Veronica has been a teacher and wood studio technician at the Centre for Craft since 2016. She has created and taught many different classes over the years, including the first Women in Woodworking classes at the Centre for Craft. She approaches each class with a focus on a friendly environment, great demonstrations and hands-on skill development.
Veronica has also had the pleasure of being an artist in residence and contributing artist to various exhibitions at the Mary E Black Gallery, and the pleasure of teaching Foundation to Wood and Metal at NSCAD University.

Current / Upcoming Courses

03. Picture Frame

In this class, we will cover jointing, planing, ripping, routering, creating a special table saw jig just for cutting miter corners, and glue-up tips! You will learn so much you will want to frame your frame! By the end of the two days, you will have created an 8.5”x11” frame.

07. End-Grain Cutting Board

A perennial favorite!! Learn to joint, plane, rip, crosscut, laminate and sand a beautiful hardwood end-grain cutting board. Food-safe finish is provided as well as a recipe for making your own. Great gift idea. Board measures approximately 10”x14".

02. Hand-cut Joinery

This class will teach you how to make two useful woodworking joints; the dovetail and the mortise and tenon, using hand tools and softwood. With discussion on the theory, use and history of the joints, this class is a fun introduction to those interested in the details of fine woodworking.

06. How to use a Hand Plane

There are many types of hand planes out there, but this course will get you started with the most commonly found types - the block plane and the jack plane. For those interested in using hand tools, this is an essential course and may help you decide what type of planes you wish to purchase. You will learn the components, how to care for and how to use a hand plane. This course is based on sharing skills rather than building a product, but you will be provided with both soft and hard wood as well as sharpening tools to practice with.

01. Shaker Console Table

A great project for experienced or beginner alike! Students will learn about milling, joinery, furniture design and finishing while creating a shaker-style console table from Ash. The table is 40" long, 30" high and 16" wide. (Shorter tables are possible, if requested.)

05. Women in Woodworking: Round Ottoman

The Ottoman; possibly the world’s best accent piece! This class will be a fun and funky romp through basic woodworking and upholstery techniques. Bring 1 meter of your choice of fabric to the second day of class.

04. Wood Turning: Rolling pin

Learn basic spindle turning techniques while making a maple rolling pin. Two possible styles, with or without handles!