Veronica Post

Veronica Post is a certified cabinetmaker and artist with an interest in furniture design and passion for sharing skills.

Current / Upcoming Courses

01. Picture Frame

In this class, we will cover jointing, planing, ripping, routering, a special table saw jig just for cutting miter corners, and glue-up tips! You will learn so much you will want to frame your frame! By the end of the two days, you will have created an 8.5”x11” frame.

02. End-Grain Cutting Board

A perennial favorite!! Learn to joint, plane, rip, crosscut, laminate and sand a beautiful hardwood end-grain cutting board. Food-safe finish is provided as well as a recipe for making your own. Great gift idea. Board measures approximately 10”x14".

03. Live-Edge Cutting Board

Arrange your next cheese platter on a beautiful, unique live-edge serving board. This class will teach jointing, planing, and finishing techniques to give you some great woodworking basics.

04. Salad Servers

Learn to use a band-saw and sander to create a beautiful pair of gently curved salad servers that won't slip down into your bowls. A wonderful gift!

05. Hand-Cut Joinery

This class will teach how to make 2 useful woodworking joints; the dovetail and the mortise and tenon, using hand tools and softwood. With discussion on the theory, use and history of the joints, this class is a fun introduction to those interested in the details of fine woodworking.