Veronica Post

Veronica Post is a certified cabinetmaker and artist with an interest in furniture design and passion for sharing skills.

Current / Upcoming Courses

05. Arts and Crafts-style Bookcase

Learn about joinery, lamination, and how to use both large machines and hand tools while creating a cozy, beautiful bookshelf 35" high, 26" wide and 13" deep, this bookshelf is based on classic Arts and Crafts designs. 

03. Birdhouse

NEW! Bird watching is a wonderful and fulfilling hobby. Have fun building a cozy, weather-tight house for your feathered friends! In this course, we will construct an Audubon-approved house for local native songbirds, including the chickadee, nuthatch and kinglet. Learn about appropriate sites to place your house in order to help attract your species of choice, and how to observe without disturbing protective parents. 

04. Women in Woodworking: Shaker Console Table

A great project for experienced or beginner alike! Students will learn about milling, joinery, furniture design and finishing while creating a shaker-style console table from Ash. The table is 40" long, 30" high and 16" wide. (Tables shorter in height are possible, if requested.)

02. End-Grain Cutting Board

Many lessons are packed into this short course, including use of the jointer, planer, tablesaw, bandsaw and finishing tools and food-safe finishes! Choose either a classic and long-lasting end-grain (also known as a butcher-block) cutting board made from maple, or an attractive pizza board to bring hot baked goods from oven to table! The cutting-board measures 8"x12" and the pizza-board measures 12"x24".