Susan April BFA, BA Art Ed, and MEd

Susan April is a graduate of NSCAD, receiving degrees in a BFA and BA in Art Education as well she completed a Masters of Education Degree from Mount Saint Vincent University. Susan has been producing art in various forms, and teaching ever since. Initially a weaver, Susan has been creating jewellery and photography for many years.  A love of colour and light has inspired all her work. Always enjoying new challenges in art forms, bead weaving has become a more recent passion, and presents another new way of playing with colour and light. She brings her enthusiasm to her students, and inspired by them as well.


Current / Upcoming Courses

22. Mixed Media Painting

Students will develop themes that involve colour and collage by learning how to layer paints on a canvas to reveal the colour underneath with sgraffito techniques. Explore the process of working with paper, textiles, twine, etc. and collage these materials onto the surface to create a composition.

21. Acrylic Pouring

Learn the art of acrylic pouring on canvas! In an afternoon, create beautiful canvases. Messy and fun!