Ryan Tingley BFA

Ryan Tingley, originally from Sydney N.S., is a potter and completed his BFA from NSCAD University in 2011. He is the current Artist in Residence at the NSCCD. 

"I love the simplicity of the objects we use in our daily lives and the dialogue we have with them. Pottery has a wonderful balance between the decorative and the useful, it has the capacity to decorate our living spaces in one moment and come into our hands in the next. It is capable of moving from the mundane experiences of everyday life into the celebratory, occupying a place in more important rituals of life and community, sometimes representative of people and place. It is through all of these possibilities that I hope to find meaning in the pottery I make."

Current / Upcoming Courses

06. Intro to Ceramics

Students will learn the basic techniques of working with clay from wheel thrown to hand building.  This 8-week course will allow students to develop a style of work and experiment with various surface textures and decoration. Students will learn how to make their own stamps to personalize their pots.