Philip Doucette, Master Artisan CNS

Philip Doucette is a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and opened his studio in 1987. That same year, he  joined the Atlantic Glass Artisans and the Craft Nova Scotia (which was then called the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council.) Throughout his career,  he has maintained strong ties with both groups, as well as participating in many other societies and activities within the creative community. In 2006, he was awarded Honorary Membership in Craft Nova Scotia, in recognition of his volunteer contributions to the community. His commissioned works in leaded glass, stained glass and sandblasted glass are installed in numerous homes throughout Halifax and its surrounding communities. As well, several large installations of his work can be found in public buildings in the city. His studio, located in a lush garden of specimen trees, is open by appointment only, and produces individually commissioned work tailored for a specific individual, organization or site. Philip's sculptural fused glass is represented by Secord Gallery, in Halifax.
He is an accredited Master Artisan of Craft Novs Scotia, and an instructor for the Extended Studies Department of the Nova Scotia College of Art And Design University.

Current / Upcoming Courses

23. Making and Using Millefiori

This class covers the techniques for making patterned glass cane, cutting millefiori discs from it, and using those discs in glass bead making. Some lampworking experience is necessary.

24. Making Venetian Beads

This class covers the techniques for making a variety of styles of Venetian glass beads, including classic styles such as fioroto and millefiori beads, and modern styles such as oro rotto and aventura beads . Some lampworking experience will be required.