Linnet Finley

With a fine artist’s sense of colour, a problem-solver’s sense of design, and a tree-hugger’s commitment to sustainability, Linnet Finley of Linnet Bird Designs offers soft, colourful, innovative products for kids, simple yet ingenious patterns for makers, and patient, joyful, empowering classes for those who want to develop their own sewing and handwork practice. Finley comes from a long line of textile artists and handworkers, and though she flirted with musical theatre, and detoured into environmental studies, she has arrived at a way to marry all her loves into one. Linnet Bird Designs is for those who prioritize locally handmade goods, and who look for a thoughtful approach to making.

Current / Upcoming Courses

33. Sewing Fundamentals: Project-based sewing for beginners

In a supportive and relaxed environment, students will be introduced to basic hand and machine sewing techniques while making a series of fun and functional projects. Working with both commercial and recycled materials, students will learn sewing construction and embellishment, ultimately incorporating elements of their own designs. Whether the goal is sewing for your home, making clothing, quilting, or other projects, this class will give you the foundation to get started off on the right foot!