Julian Covey BFA

Julian Covey is a ceramic artist currently pursuing a bachelor of fine art at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. He was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia but spent most of his life immersed in Québécois culture in Montreal.

Through clay, Julian works intuitively to explore questions of materiality, color, surface and form. He is enthralled by the process of ceramics and he appreciates applying his thoughts through modules and repetitions.

Julian is passionate about socially engaged art and craft and he is very interested in the ability that such practices have to create artistic dialogue within the community at large.

Current / Upcoming Courses

12. Pour, Slip, Glaze

Try your hand at Slip casting, a fun and quick mould technique to make and decorate your very own porcelain tableware. Students will receive blank pottery moulds then introduced to casting and assemblage techniques.

13. Decals: Personalize your Dishes

Have you ever wanted to print your favourite photograph on your pottery? In this class, students will be introduced to ceramic decaling, an easy decorating technique that can add some major graphic flair to your dishes. Blank dishes will be provided but students are encouraged to bring their own. Each student will also receive a sheet of printed decals customized with their photos or designs.