Graeme Ross

Graeme graduated from the Howard academy of the Metal Arts in 2003 with a diploma in Commercial Jewelry & Goldsmithing Techniques. After moving to Halifax in 2005 he further developed his skills in design, fabrication, CAD modelling and machining and the renowned Fireworks Gallery in Halifax. In 2012 Graeme left to pursue his own vision and designs and now strives to make beautiful jewellery that creates a personal and special bond with it's wearer. I am inspired by the connection that people can form with jewellery. We don't just make metal art we forge an emotional connection and a feeling in our jewellery.


Current / Upcoming Courses

12. Create Your Own Wedding Bands

This course is designed for any couple who wishes to fabricate their own wedding bands or couple rings. Students will be guided through the processes involved in making a basic set of wedding bands through lost wax casting.

11. Introduction to Jewellery

Students will have the opportunity to learn and practice basic jewellery techniques such as creating a band ring along with hand-fabrication, wax carving, casting, texturing, and step finishing. Students will guide the projects in the class and will have the opportunity to create original designs.