Evie Dunville, BFA

Evie Dunville, a Halifax native, completed her BFA in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing in 2010 from NSCAD University. She currently works as the Metal & Glass Technician at the NS Centre for Craft & Design while training to be an art therapist. Sometimes poet, sometimes musician/singer, sometimes writer - undeniably a jewellery designer, Evie intertwines the written word with her jewellery, creating a body of work wherein the form is either emphasized, accented or accentuated by the words, while saving time for fun, quirky pieces that explore nontraditional materials as well.

Current / Upcoming Courses

15. Repurposed/Recycled Jewellery

NEW!  Many of us have broken or mismatched pieces of jewellery, or some charm that has been held on to. Gather up these special treasures and bring them along to the first class. We will be designing and creating new jewellery during the workshop, incorporating the salvaged bits into your own unique design. Some craftsmanship and knowledge of tool handling will be expected.

16. Felting in Jewellery

NEW!  This workshop will introduce the fundamentals of needle felting, offering a chance to play with the technique, and then incorporate the felted creations into a functional piece of jewellery.  Some craftsmanship and knowledge of tool handling will be expected, but not required.