Emma Piirtoniemi BFA

Emma Piirtoniemi majored in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing and minored in Art History from NSCAD University. She examines the duality of her work, worn intimately on the body, and displayed in the public spaces of galleries. Emma is working both in metal and adding glass work into her pieces examining small jewellery sculptures and gaining experience in curating contemporary craft. 

Current / Upcoming Courses

17. Design it, Make it! Glass & Metal Jewellery

NEW! Expand upon your existing lamp working experience and make a self-designed piece of jewellery integrating glass and metal. Fabricate your own findings and settings and explore how to incorporate glass components in making your own custom jewellery. The content of the class is tailored to students’ needs, based on design requirements and skill levels.

18. Explore! Plastics in Jewellery

NEW! Explore plastic materials in jewellery making. Students will do resin casting, acrylic forming, and other techniques to create one of a kind jewellery. Students will be required to bring in a small and simple object (to take an impression of for resin casting), a respirator with both particulate and vapour filters, and a sketchbook/ notebook.