Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris became interested in Ceramics and Textiles in her home town of London Ontario. While attending H.B Beal secondary school she began experimenting with large scale figurative sculptureusing a variety of materials and techniques. This experimentation led Harristo NSCAD University where she is pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Ceramics with a minorin Textiles. Harris has displayed her work in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Focusing on feministand environmentalist subject matter for several years, Harris’stextile work is made from recycled and environmentally conscious materials; while her subject matter is primarily feminist in nature. 

Current / Upcoming Courses

10. Advanced Ceramics Techniques

Students will work on developing technical skills with materials and processes appropriate to their goals. This class is intended to build on the basic information from prior handbuilding, throwing, vessel, and ceramic sculpture classes. Students can work both on and off the wheel to create ceramic objects, which may or may not be utilitarian depending on individual interests.

09. Intro Ceramics 2

This is an introductory class, focusing on hand building, wheel throwing and simple press molds; developing an understanding of clay, with skills both on and off the wheel. This class will create a safe environment to experiment and develop new skills in ceramics. (Ghost moment not included).