Bonnie Baker

Bonnie is a practising artist living is Annapolis Royal.  In addition to drawing and printmaking, she is known for her earlier work in textile.  The dynamics of experimenting, building on the unexpected, and pursuing increasingly sophisticated compositions drives her practice.  Bonnie brings a similar philosophy to her teaching, encouraging students to push themselves through their work and take it to the next level.
A founding member of a printmaking collective located in a small fishing community, Bonnie believes community engagement, and teaching is integral to creative growth.

Current / Upcoming Courses

34. Cyanotype: Capturing the Sun

An introduction to cyanotype also known as blueprints, an old cameraless photography technique.  Learn the basics process, before moving on to more advanced techniques of multiple exposures, bleaching with washing soda, organic toning processes, adding text with stencils and making DIY photo negatives for contact printing.  After learning the basic step, students will complete their own series of personalized cyanotype prints.