Current Exhibition


Ritual Objects of Everyday Life

Hand-Painted Porcelain by

Gina Etra Stick

Mary E. Black Gallery
July 14 - Aug 27, 2017
Opening Reception:
Thursday July 13, 6pm
These one-of-a-kind porcelain vessels reveal the poignancy of daily rituals, such as drinking a cup of tea. 
Showcasing the decorative traditions of world renowned porcelain centre Jindezhen, China, these pieces offer a personal interpretation of traditional materials for a Western context and usage. 
"The purpose of my work is to empower the user, the activity, and the environment in the appreciation of everyday life" - Gina Etra Stick
Gina Etra Stick is an emerging ceramic artist living in Halifax, NS. Born in Queens, NYC, she earned her BA in Studio Art from Brandeis University and the University of Colorado; and an MA Architecture from the University of Washington. Gina began her formative creative training at the age of 19 in an individual design apprenticeship with Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, renowned artist and meditation master credited with bringing Tibetan Buddhism, and the Buddhist inspired secular culture, the Shambhala Lineage, to the West. Gina also studied ceramics under Walter Ostrom and Joan Bruneau at NSCAD in the late 1990's and completed three tutorials in traditional Chinese porcelain decoration in Jingdezhen, PRC.  
"We are delighted to be hosting Gina Stick’s first solo exhibition here at the Mary E. Black Gallery. Her intensive study and the disciplined precision of her contemporary designs has resulted in an extraordinary body of work." - Susan Charles, Director