06. How to use a Hand Plane

Course Date(s) 
Feb 23, 2019
Sunday, 12:00 - 5:00
(5 hours/ 1 day)
Class size: 5 (no experience necessary)
Registration Closes 
Feb 18, 2019

$80 + materials fee $50 payable to the instructor before class (e-transfer)

Course Overview 

There are many types of hand planes out there, but this course will get you started with the most commonly found types - the block plane and the jack plane. For those interested in using hand tools, this is an essential course and may help you decide what type of planes you wish to purchase. You will learn the components, how to care for and how to use a hand plane. This course is based on sharing skills rather than building a product, but you will be provided with both soft and hard wood as well as sharpening tools to practice with.