Job Oppotunity: Call for Jewellery Studio Technician

Hours and Rate of Pay:
7 hours a week at $15.00/hr, Saturdays

The Metal Studio Technician works under the supervision of the Studio Coordinator

1. for maintaining a clean, organized, and a functioning work space for users.
2. for taking a complete inventory of all materials and equipment in the metal studio.
3. ensure all tools/equipment are in working order on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
4. for notifying the Studio Coordinator of any purchases to be made that are necessary to the functioning of the studio – be it consumables, replacement tools or equipment.
5. for supervision and assistance of studio users and be available to advise in the safe use of studio equipment.
6. create a ‘wish list’ of possible new acquisitions to manage the needs of a public studio that is efficient, comfortable and able to meet the requirements of contemporary crafts.
7. to facilitate open studio on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm.
8. fill out a TIMESHEET every two weeks, with description of work done.
9. working the front desk of the studio building:
● Answering inquiries about the studios and the programs we offer.
● Answering /Making phone calls regarding studio usage

Studio Maintenance

● clean-up of all benchtops (weekly)
● clean sinks and countertops (weekly)
● maintain soap/baking soda levels (weekly)
● sort / clean cupboard and keep in orderly manner (weekly)
● sweep/ vacuum floors/ mop (weekly)

● ensure all metal-surfaced tools and equipment are clean and rust free (as needed)
● reface and polish stakes, anvil, and vices (as needed)
● sharpen, tools i.e. gravers  (as needed)
● clean files (as needed)

● change pickle when depleted - blue -notify coordinator to reorder (as needed)

● change medium (as needed)

Enameling Kiln
● vacuum (as needed)
● clean kiln furniture (as needed)

● maintain water level
● change solution (as needed)

Soldering Station
● clean solder bench
● grind excess solder of tweezers and picks
● clean brushes
● weekly check-up of acetylene tanks, create system of used/ empty and early notification of refills

Rolling Mill
● clean, polish, and oil the rolling mill (as needed)
● ensure rolling mill is level and clean with no traces of rust of oxides

● clean and grease Foredom Flex Shafts, check brushes on motor (beginning of each session)

Polishing Lathes
● vacuum inside and outside (weekly)
● wipe surface and clean table (weekly)
● change filters (as needed)
● notify coordinator to order compound (as needed)
● up-keep of all buffs for polishing wheels

It is preferred that the successful candidate possess a BFA or equivalent background. They will be proactive and independent, well organized, and adaptable. The candidate must have knowledge of the proper use of all tools and equipment within the studio as well as an understanding of the necessary upkeep for these tools. They must feel comfortable in the safe handling of heavy and potentially dangerous equipment and chemicals.

Application due Nov. 5th at 4:00pm -email Cover Letter and CV to studio.coordinator@craftnovascotia.ca
Call back for interviews Nov. 6th
Interview to be scheduled Nov. 9th
Training day Nov. 14th
Job Start Date
Saturday, September 21, 2020