How to Find Us

Please note that we have two locations:

1061 Marginal Road - Suite 140  Houses the Centre for Craft's Mary E. Black Gallery, Collectors' Gallery, Multi-Purpose Studio, and Weaving Studio.

Contact: Main 902-492-2522 


1096 Marginal Road  You will find the Centre for Craft's Ceramic, Glass, Wood, and Jewellery Studios.

Contact: 902-492-2524 -


We are located in the Halifax Seaport, you will find our Gallery between Pier 21 and the NEW Farmer's Market. There is a train car in front of our building. 

Open: Tuesday-Friday 9-5, Saturday & Sunday 11-4, Closed Mondays


There is a permanent Ramp at the front entrance of 1061 Marginal Road however the front doors are not automatic and have a 1” lip at front entrance. Interior doors are also not automatic. During open hours there is staff present at all times with view of all entrances ready to provide assistance. (See website for photos of location and entrance.)
There is a single occupant washroom with a 34.5” non-automatic doorway. The bathroom is spacious with 2 horizontal bars around the toilet. There is no change table inside the bathroom.

There is ample metered parking through the week. (On Saturday’s parking is often more full of visitors to the Seaport Market.)
Bus numbers 7, 29, 35, 41 & 90 stop within a ten min walk from the center.